A SINGLE REVIEW – ULTRAVIOLET (released 28.02.2020)

CAVALCADE are an East London four-piece currently creating waves with their version of blistering Indie Rock and Roll. Newly signed to indie label These Bloody Thieves Records and already packing venues inside the capital with their electric live shows, they have proved that the Cavalcade journey is one to watch. Hailing from East London Cavalcade are made up of Connor Duggan (Lead Vocals/Guitar) Jack Campbell (Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals) Tom Nunn (Bass) and Steve Norris (Drums). 

Already having received industry acclaim from some highly regarded folk such as;…..

Proving that the spirit of The Buzzcocks is still going strong” – John Kennedy (Radio X)

Perhaps it’s their jaw dropping riffs that give them the edge, or it may be the energy and vigorous no-shit attitude they have on stage. Either way, this band are fast becoming one of the most interesting and fun live bands emerging onto the scene” – Indie Underground

 “Cavalcade are creating waves with their anthemic, urgent straight up rock n roll” – GigSlutz

……I was excited to get stuck in and find out more for myself.

I live in Essex and the closest we usually get to Ultraviolet around here is a trip to the sunbed shop, so it’s with welcome relief that the only thing melting the skin off my bones this evening is the new tune ‘Ultraviolet’ by East London boys ‘Cavalcade’ … 

Lead singer Connor Duggan (who also just so happens to have an absolutely blistering voice) explains that the song has it’s roots in the idea that ‘Ultraviolet’ poses a question… ‘what makes us so different’ ~ with ultraviolet being at one end of the spectrum and infrared being at the other and as different or seemingly at odds with one another those two extremes might appear … fundamentally … they cannot exist without one another. 
If that is not as perfect analogy for the warring extremities of a turbulent and tempestuous relationship, then I don’t know what is… but another question remains … wouldn’t it be easier if we could find an alternative? 
As a music journalist – subjectiveness plays just a big a role as it would to a listener, perhaps more so… because as someone who wants to write honestly and truthfully but who also wants to be positive and praise all of the effort that goes into an artist or a band actually creating a piece of music, I want to genuinely like it, so there is always a moment of trepidation before I hit play. I needn’t of worried. 

This tune takes off like a Learjet  … infrared? Try the speed of light… by the time the bass, drums and the riff kick into gear, you are already being held back in your seat and have barely had time to fasten your seat-belt. 

As a former frontman of a band, I always have half an eye on the vocal … and Connor’s are sublime. They contain a beautiful blend of control and grit. A texture that I’m not ashamed  to say caused me goosebumps … 
The verses drop into a melodic build up that takes you from one end of the spectrum (infrared to Ultraviolet anyone?) and the result is that by the time the instantly anthemic and catchy as fuck chorus does smash you over the head, you are almost begging it to …

The lyrics include the phrase ‘shifting light’ – but this tune also shifts gears. Perfectly. The breakdown for example ~ there is an chugging bassline that perfectly anchors the understated yet powerful subtlety of the drum pattern  … the result is that almost imperceptibly that part of the track is more interesting than you would usually expect to hear – without being overkill. Which is a masterclass in what I would describe as ‘serving the song’ … 

Something else that occurs to me is that after just a couple of listens, you feel as though you have known this tune for years, the guitar parts are note perfect and the riff really something else. It feels instantly recognisable ~ yet before I heard it ~ it was unbeknownst to me. 

The final chorus out of the break feels like a welcome knockout blow whilst you are slumped against the ropes – mercifully brutal.

Another apparent contradiction or paradox – and again, two ideas that would at first glance, seem to sit at opposite ends of the spectrum …a reoccurring theme, yet frontman Connor puts it far better than I ever could when he explains ‘at the end of that spiral are two forces that dance with one another forever’ …  So infrared or ultraviolet? Lasers or sunlight? I would worry too much about that, because at it’s molten core sits a tune that is undeniably one thing… and one thing only ~ absolutely shit hot. 

‘Ultraviolet’ by Cavalcade – is out now on These Bloody Thieves Records

Listen to Ultraviolet here Now


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Review written by Bobby Smith (edited by Sally Newman)

Photo credits @thealanwells