Its true!!! on the 25th September, THE K’S have announced that they are set to release a brand new single entitled “TV“.

Having been long terms fans of THE K’S here at The Songbird and their previous releases of ‘Sarajevo’, ‘Glass Towns’, ‘Got A Feeling’, ‘Aurora’ and most recently the stunning ‘Valley One’ which was recorded entirely in lock down, we were thrilled to learn of this latest release from the Earlstown lads, simply called ‘TV’.

So what of this new single? well, we were recently sent a preview link to have a little listen to………

Man this track is mind blowing in true The K’s style. Its unmistakably got that unique The K’s sound to it from that very first opening bar to the rousing choruses interspersed throughout. Its modern Indie Punk Rock at its absolute best. Its an anthemic, crowd pleasing belter of a track that will be chanted throughout festivals across the land next summer of that we are in no doubt. ‘TV’ really does showcase the band’s immense talent for writing and producing the ultimate modern day track, in a brand new genre that the industry so badly needs. Its bold, its lively, its catchy, its all new and pretty God Damn perfect!

Lead Singer Jamie has said of the track:-

“I wrote TV probably the back end of last year. It’s about the way we are sold a completely blurred version of reality through the TV. They show us these “perfect” lives of celebrities and try and portray it as real life. But when you’re younger you tend to believe it and believe that’s the life that you should aim for. As you get older though you start to realise it’s all bollocks though.”

The new track has already created quite the buzz despite it not actually being released yet with the limited edition pre-sale vinyl going on sale, crashing the website and completely selling out within a matter of mere hours! The new tune has also enjoyed radio play already both in the UK and US.

Like many bands, it would be fair to say that The K’s have had a somewhat difficult year due to the pandemic. 2019 was undoubtedly a major year of opportunity and success for the lads seeing them go from strength to strength. In January 2020, the band sold out the 1500 capacity 02 Ritz Manchester in just four weeks of the tickets going on sale! They’ve also enjoyed huge online success with their music which has rightly resulted in them being tipped as one of the top bands in the country and 2020 should of been theirs for the taking, but given the Virus this was somewhat hampered. Indeed, the bands very own Ryan Breslin contracted the Virus and was quite seriously ill for some time with it. Not ones to rest on their laurels however, the lads took the opportunity of lock down to do something new and did some amazing live stream gigs and of course they produced the beautiful ballad that is ‘Valley One’. They’ve also been working hard towards the release of their debut album.

Aside from the music, The K’s have also caught the eye of some major brands earning themselves some big endorsements with the likes of Scotts Menswear, Gibson Guitars and Marshall Amps.

They’ve further bagged themselves a cameo role in a new film directed by Ray Burdis and written by Pete Meadows to be released shortly which is based on the 1979 film Quadrophenia and which is called ‘To Be Someone,’  They also feature in the soundtrack to the movie.

The K’s will feature in the movie and soundtrack

So what’s next for The K’s, aside from world domination of course, well we’re thrilled that the band will be back on tour in 2021, but do hurry to get your tickets secured as the 5,000 strong ticket tour is already close to a sell out.

Tickets for all dates are available at:







*photo credits Ricky Atterby/Scotts Menswear/Rob O’Brien/The K’s