Scott Curwen is a 23 year old singer/songwriter/musician hailing from North London.

Scott’s first single ‘Out of Reach’ was released earlier back in the year in May and despite the limitations of the massive curve ball that the pandemic threw his way, Scott was widely appreciated and applauded for his debut release being likened to Liam Gallagher amongst others. He also received praise from Virgin Radio DJ and early Kasabian champion Eddy Temple Morris who said of that single;

“A strong and confident release in the fine tradition of indie dance – as though some of the 90’s most agreeable melodies got into bed with some of the 90’s most danceable DJ’s”. If that doesn’t make you want to listen, I’m not sure what will!

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Curwen also enjoyed the attentions of one of the most respected champions of new music ‘This Feeling’ with them adding his track to their Best New Bands playlist and with talks of them wanting to put his music out there more, but alas with the unprecedented things that then took over the world, it wasn’t able to be.

On asking Scott about this, he confessed that he was, of course, disappointed not to have had the opportunity to get out there and perform live and promote the song more in person, but he recognises that he was in essence, like so many musicians of the time a “victim of circumstance”.

Not one to shy away from a challenge, however, Scott pulled his socks up and got straight back into songwriting and working on his next project.

During lockdown Scott teamed up with producer Jack Pike – one half of successful D&B production duo @hillsdom. On working with Jack and their chemistry as a creative force Scott has this to say:

‘Obviously I come to Jack with a song, it’s not like we sit and fuck about but a lot of the ideas do come off the cuff and that’s why I think it works so well. ‘I’m getting a lot more out of it – It’s that classic indie songwriting with a modern twist – I’m lovin it’.

This creative partnership between Scott and Jack has resulted in the release of Scott’s second single entitled ‘Stop The Rain’.

We are told that ‘Stop The Rain’ shows off a different side to Scott’s musical abilities, with comparisons this time being made to the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Noel Gallagher and even Kate Nash!

We were recently sent a preview copy of the track to have a little listen to. We loved how the track starts of with an almost disco-esque synth back beat which is joined by the sound of rhythmic drum beats before Curwen comes in with his clear and precise vocals and melodic and harmonious guitar rifts. The start of the track certainly did indeed put us in mind of something that could of been created by a very experienced Noel Gallagher.

Its a mature track both musically and lyrically for such a young artist, which we believe showcases Curwen’s undeniable talent. The track takes the listener on a journey through several genres. It starts off with a repetitive ticking beat that is replaced by harmonious melodies and then once again there’s that pulsing beat uplifting you once again….

With lyrics like “Time has taken its toll, my only hope is that things will get better” is this a nod to the current state of the world or this is a song about doomed love? Further lyrics like “Now you’ve taken it all, navigating through stormy weather; The writings up on the wall, I’m grateful for those times spent together”, the listener is inclined to think the latter, but the song is in no way melancholy. If anything it felt more upbeat in a kind of Stone Roses vibe of ‘Don’t be sad its over; be happy it happened’

This is a brilliant second effort from the young London Lad and we predict big things are to come for him. With a track this strong in its musical prowess, we can guarantee that you’ll be hearing a lot more of the name Scott Curwen in the coming months. We’re certaintly already hooked and are currently playing the track on repeat!

‘Stop The Rain’ is due for release on the 25.09.20 with talk of an EP to follow shortly thereafter.


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Review written by Sally Newman