STRENGTH – Single Review


I cannot believe I haven’t had Wonk Unit in my life until now. Their 7th studio album is due out in April 2021 and the first single taken from it is “Strength”. These are skater boys and girls, and fans of Green Day, Blink 182 and Offspring are going to love this. These punk rockers from London have delivered a song that is all about having strength at these difficult times. “The lessons I have learnt the hard way, makes me strong” but this is all wrapped up in fun punk, punk that immediately makes you bounce. I found it pretty emotional actually, the power of music when it grabs you. In these strange times this track sends out a positive message, that we can prevail, that we can fight for our loved ones and we can build resilience and move forward together.

The video for “Strength” was filmed by Mark Richards at Alex Johnson’s own skate bowl – yes seriously he has his own skate bowl in his back garden! Very cool and it also features some of the most exciting young skaters currently shredding London & the South East. Because of Wonk Units non-stop commitment to touring, their line-up often changes but they are currently in the studio ahead of a European Tour all being well next year.

Wonk Unit is all about Alex. The songs are his diary and he makes music for himself, just as he skateboards for himself and draws pictures for himself. He acknowledges its personal and I suspect this creativity allows him to handle the realities of life. “My original ethos which still stands to this day is that I would never ask for a gig or review or record deal or endorsement. Wonk only go where we are wanted and appreciated. I never needed the approval of others.” I am just delighted to have heard them at last…..
Oh and in case you were wondering where the name of the band came from, Alex and guitarist Gavin Kinch were laying a crazy paving driveway in 2005. It was miserable, cold and wet and Alex said; “Look at us, we’re a right f**king Wonk Unit ain’t we!” What a great name for a band they thought – and they were right. As Alex says “A description that sums us up perfectly in no way whatsoever!”

The single was officially released on the 4th December and is available to stream and download on all major platforms now.

Check out the official Wonk Unit video for Strength here now.

You can follow Wonk Unit and keep up to date with all things wonky including upcoming tours on the following links. including when their next single release comes out; the eagerly anticipated debut from the only girl in the band; little Veronique “Vez” Hawksworth. Stay tuned!

words by JULIA MASON