Continuing our Best of 2020 series, next up we have The Skinner Brothers.

Unique and intriguing could be the two words used to describe the London four piece band The Skinner Brothers’.

Releasing ‘Away Days’ and a personal faviroute ‘Low’ this year the band have a variation of sounds in their songs. But being able to distinguish their taste in the things the band love such as football with frontman Zachary Skinner being a Millwall supporter, has spoken of wanting to catch the essence of those ‘away days’ of watching a match the fashion and music that go hand in hand with the football generation.

Away days’ however isnt just about missing football Skinner explains it’s an ode to missing your passion which can translate to everything in these current circumstances. 

‘Low’ takes on a different sound altogether with hints of the Black Keys and Kasabian, it immediately draws you in with its stompy beats and punk style chanting lyrics. Gaining attention from many sources including Leo Gregorys Weekend Offender clothing range who used it in their advertising campaign.

Recently signing to Magus Entertainment (Mike Skinner/The Streets) the single is only previewing what is to come from this band. The Skinner Brothers have continued to gain a firm loyal following of fans after releasing their debut single ‘Watchu’ and supporting the likes of The Libertines and Rats on tour.

2021 sees The Skinner Brothers join ‘The Musics Reunion Tour” at Temple Newham Park in Leeds along with the likes of The Snuts, The Cribs, Tim Burgess and The Coral. Not to mention their headline show at the 100 club in Oxford.

Despite, the pandemic facing us all, 2020 proved to be one of musical brilliance for The Skinner Brothers and we can’t wait to see what they’ve got in store for us in 2021. This band are definitely ones to watch out for this year. the-skinner-brothers

Words by Tamsin Jones