Formed in East London in 2018 and hailing from just about every corner of the globe, THE RINGARDS are Enzo Salinie (lead vocals), Vinny Baker (lead guitar), Gary Cartmill (bass) and Joe Hornby Patterson (drums).

The band live in a shared flat in Hackney and they literally live and breathe avant-garde new genre post punk and with Salinie’s sardonic lyricism, the band collectively express their experiences through music in this ever-changing world in which we live.

THE RINGARDS although reminiscent of some of the late great 70’s acts and indeed citing influences such as The Door and David Bowie, are successfully breathing new life into the post punk genre and in doing so have gained support from the likes of BBC Introducing, Fred Perry Subculture, Boogaloo Radio, Hoxton Radio and have been featured on the front cover of Lost and Found Magazine.

The post-punk four-piece share have recently shared their latest self-released single ‘Helen Mirren’ and B-side ‘Septums (Muzzle Me)’. The track is not surprisingly a tribute to the British national treasure, Dame Helen Mirren and is a starry-eyed expression of idolisation. It explores the act of materialising success and pays homage to the winding road that leads us there.

Jagged edged guitar riffs and softly spoken, velvety vocals that have the beguile of Nick Cave rest easy against the momentous, uprising guitar melodies and put us in mind of the great Joy Division.

Helen Mirren is an enticing track in its macabre soundscape. It’s a definite nod to the raw post-punk energy for which the band are known, but it also extends in their experimentation of the genre as a whole, bringing a while new sound to the spectrum.

Salinie from the band comments of the track:

“Helen Mirren is not only an ode to the actress but a desire to concretise our fantasies, and to become relevant and valued within our medium. We always saw Helen Mirren as a person that could take on any role, and always adapt. To us, she represents the bright days ahead, a world full of opportunities and creations, but she also symbolises the current struggle.”

Listen to the new track Helen Mirren here now








*photo credits @s.lly_ @aggie_cherrie