Although The Banshees were only formed some 2 years ago, it’s easy to see why this Liverpool duo consisting of Vinny Pereira and Paul Holigan have amassed such a large and loyal following, garnering themselves some pretty major coverage along the way.

With the impressive successes of their previous two releases “Silent Nightmare/Chasing Pablo”and “You’re Wrong” amassing over some 1k views a day, The Banshees are back with a bang with their follow up single “Point of You”.

Listening to ‘Point of You’ we’re instantly in mind of the great retro sound of the 1980’s as the whimsical, wistful sounds of a synthesizer pick up and provide the backdrop to the track, heading in a different yet enjoyable new direction for the band whilst still giving us their usual and categorically familiar sound loved by so many. The poignant lyrics and accompanying video succinctly demonstrate the juxtaposition of our thoughts and feelings, especially within the last 12 months or so. With its laid back, yet catchy guitar riffs and mellifluous, pleasing vocals, combining to escalate in its peak, this track produces a hard hitting and ultimately timely song that will no doubt, be found on many playlists during 2021.

With lyrics such as ;-

“I can’t speak my mind. The words are hard to find, Although I talk too much sometimes. I realise that I don’t hear the things you say And I wonder if you care anyway Or if you’re only talking filling spaces in time, Is that a crime?

It’s easy to see what the band are trying to achieve with this track. In summary Vinny from the band comments as follows ;

This track is about being on the edge of realisation that something is over, regardless of how you feel, but you carry on anyway. Some may call it clarity. It could be in relationships or just in life generally but you assume there is absolutely nothing you can do and it’s out of your control, but you are fully aware of this.

In this surreal world in which we find ourselves, slowed down by the never-ending ‘lockdowns’ and ‘restrictions’ it’s a credit to artists such as The Banshees who continue to harness their creative talents to produce such high quality tracks such as this latest one.

The Banshees credit artists such as The Strokes, Johnny Marr and The Cure as major influences and its clear to detect such sounds within their tracks while effortlessly creating a unique and pleasing sound all of their own. Vinny’s vocals are melodic yet unconstrained which makes you sit up and take notice while Paul’s catchy guitar rifts keep the track flowing and reverberating through our head. Even after the track has reached its conclusion it is easy to find yourself tapping those catchy riffs and synthetic beats out on your desktop. Its a real earworm of a song for sure!

While 2021 may not be able to fulfil all our hopes and dreams, one thing for sure is that the music scene is still thriving right now, and once we are allowed to attend and enjoy live music once again, there will no doubt be an explosion of quality music being displayed and we would be willing to bet that The Banshees will be at the forefront of it.

Listen to ‘Point of You’ and watch the official video here now.

Being no strangers to previous playlist and press coverage such as BT TV Music, BBC Introducing, played at Anfield (LFC), worked on a project with Benumu and Jagermeister, and major press coverage from GHQ Magazine, BBC Introducing, Louder Than War, Tinnitist Darryl Sterdan (Canada’s Most-Followed Music Critic), Explore Liverpool, ScouseScene, XSNoize and Jacaranda Records to name but a few, we’re sure this latest release is going to generate much more coverage for this very much of the moment band.



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Words by SALLY NEWMAN & JUSTIN AYLETT *Photo credits The Banshees