Upcoming South London artist Bert Brett is literally smashing his way onto the indie scene with comparisons being given to the likes of Alex Turner and Jamie T which can certainly be heard in his punchy lyrics.

The single ‘Half Man Villain‘ which was released on the 10th July 2020, tells the story of a man with two personalities one of whom is an everyday man and the other being his evil counterpart.

Brett uses clever imagery and metophors throughout the track to describe the characteristics, mixing it with warm guitar tones and incisive lyrics that give the character a seductive yet corruptive feel. A fictional man with real world inspirations.

The previous single ‘Anything‘ with its seriously catchy chorus was released in early 2020 and hitting a very respectable 150k plus streams proved to be another positive response to ‘Pressure In This Town’

Being chosen to be the cover of Amazon Music ‘Best New Bands’ playlist and being selected by Ray-Ban to play for the #saveourvenues campaign, and also the digital version of soundcity #theguesthouse, Bert Brett shows no signs of stopping and is certainly one you should be watching out for 2021.

The most recent release from the singer is “Shame”. Brett says that this track came along to raise the awareness of mental health in men and raise money for the mental health charity CALM

The single highlights the struggles faced by many men in our society and with the pressures of Covid intensifying the emotions, that in our society men have had to too often repress. “Shame” does its upmost best to dispel the whole myth and culture of ‘man up‘ 

Lyrics such as’man, you’re not the only one, are you afraid? Are you ashamed?’ Deliver a strong, poignant message of the expectancy of men to suppress their emotions. The song delivers melodic tones, against Brett’s firm deliverance of his lyrics.

The video to accompany the single was supported by a crowdfund and was able to deliver a visual message in a heart warming video that shows Brett speaking for men of all ages. Watch the official video here now.

Brett explained the importance of opening up as an artist so others feel at ease speaking about their own mental health struggles. 

All proceeds from the single “Shame” will go the charity CALM.