George Farrar formed the band the DALMAS at the Royal Northern College Of Music in the winter of 2018. George’s love for drums and music began after a family holiday to Trinidad & Tobago at the age of 5. Whilst watching the historic steel pan drummers he was fascinated by the groove and passion as the locals played a bizarre cover of Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen (now unsurprisingly George’s favourite band) he begged his parents to buy him a drum kit after months of playing on pots and pans and that’s when it all started. George in fact began playing gigs at the tender age of just 7 on the local rock scene in his hometown of Leeds. Skip forward a couple of years and many gigs later and George was competing in national competitions such as Young Drummer Of The Year with huge success.

In the autumn of 2018 George moved to Manchester to attend the RNCM where he met Manchester based guitarist Jacob Maguire when they both moved into student halls together out of pure chance. Quickly connecting on their love for rock music, they started writing and jamming. Soon after meeting they met Norwegian bass player Augustus Clark who had moved to the UK to pursue music, soon the band formed into Dalmas.

Initially unsure of what to call the band, Jacob stumbled across a 1973 Australian drama film called ‘Dalmas’, in which a former cop travels through Melbourne’s drug scene to find an acid dealer, and so the band name was decided!

Dalmas are a fresh, up and coming group, that demand your attention immediately from the onset, and with a sound that will resonate so deeply, that you will quickly seek out all they have to offer online. Their unique sound originates from the minds and talents of the three piece band. With influences such as as Foo Fighters, Queen and Biffy Clyro, it’s easy to see why this quintessential modern rock band are bringing their sound to the forefront of everyone’s mind and playlists.

Chris Hawkins from BBC 6 Music says he is “Predicting big things” for Dalmas and it’s difficult to argue, as Manchester 3 piece today (29/01/21) release their hotly anticipated new single ‘JHM’

‘JHM’ is a track that initiates a raw energy from the outset, bringing a funky electro style introduction before a powerful, gritty and stylish guitar penetrates. It delivers an instant “bite of the bottom lip” and a desire to raise those beers in the air and appreciate all the feelings and desires that good music brings in a live environment.

George’s unique yet satisfying vocals along with Augustus on the bass, complement each other in a way that alleviates the track and doesn’t get lost in the strong and lively guitar that Jacob brings throughout. Lyrically we are exposed to a glimpse into struggles with mental health issues. With thought provoking lyrics such as,

“Take the time to breathe and think – Empty secrets that you keep – In the distance you will see – Marks and marks of scars to be  – When you lose control, take my hand, – Find another day, to let go – You can play them all, they will fall

Its easy to see the vocalisation of the internal struggle that so many of us seem to be facing at he moment. We are being asked to take time to reflect and take time to take account of ourselves, to not allow the past to define our future and there is always someone nearby to guide us into brighter days. Something we can all identify with in todays current climate and its a subject that Dalmas  obviously feel comfortable in approaching.

Dalmas will no doubt be creating waves in 2021 with the release of their debut EP “Now I can sleep” on Manchester based label Northern Quarter Records.

The band will definitely be kept busy throughout the year and we are expecting momentous things from them. The release of “JHM” is an absolutely storming way to kick off 2021 and we for one, can’t wait to hear more from Dalmas.

Listen to JHM from Dalmas here now