Megan Wyn is a 16 year old multi talented musician/singer/songwriter from Wales with a big sound. Don’t let her tender age fool you, she produces a sounds way beyond her years and puts us in mind of such musical greats like Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac . Indeed Megan herself confirms that her sound and vocals are influenced and inspired by the likes of Stevie Nicks & Debbie Harry, whilst also tipping a nod to more modern artists such as Jade Bird.

Megan’s debut single ‘Polaroid’ is steaming now and is available for official release on the 12th February. Megan explains that the track was written during the lockdown and is all about adapting to a new way of living whilst experiencing changes in your own personal life.

Despite this being Megan’s debut single, she is no stranger to the music scene having previously stormed the stage at K-Fest in 2019 alongside the likes of the Lightening Seeds, The Farm and Clint Boon. Not being deterred by the lockdowns and demise of live music in 2020, Megan spent her time wisely writing and demoing a whole new set of songs, of which “Polaroid” is the first release.

Polaroid is a delicious track reminiscent of the heady days of golden rock n roll at its absolute finest. It’s got the 60’s happy pop beats mingled with the 70’s soulful vocals mingling together to make it the most perfect song.

Listen to “Polaroid” here now.

Megan Wyn is an undoubted, outstanding new talent and we are sure that there is so much more to come from this incredible artist from Wales. Megan Wyn has most definitely secured herself a place on our Ones to Watch in 2021 List x

The stunning debut single “Polaroid” is streaming now and is due for official release on the 12th February.


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