The Rafters are an East Lancashire Punk Rock four piece band consisting of Nathan Griffiths (Lead vocals), Ryan McDermott (Bass), Joe Roscow (Guitar) and Josh Greenwood (Drums).

The band was formed in 2019 coupling together members from two previous bands Middle Finger Salute and The Shade.

The Rafters quickly set the pace of what they were all about when only having been in existence for a very short space of time, they were picked up and their track “Slippin’ Away” was played by Soccer Am and subsequently added to their playlist.

Obviously the current situation in the world has curtailed the bands plans somewhat, but “The Rafters” have not been resting on their laurels, using their time wisely to write and record new songs of which we are told that they already have three lined up and ready for release this year.

The band released the first of these new tracks “Reasons” on Friday 5th February and it is available to download and stream on all major platforms now.

This new track screams out for attention with its raw and infectious true punk energy from the outset with its heavy pounding drums and fast symbol melodies, the riotous and down right genius lyrics, making us want to bounce around the room with pure unadulterated joy! It’s the type of song that sparks off nostalgia, reminding us what its like to be in the throng at a live gig, revelling in the spirit of the moment. This is undoubtedly a track that is going to be massive when performed live and we can’t wait to be there right up the front.

Frontman Nathan Griffiths has said of the track;

“Reasons is the first of three singles to be released in coming months. Written in lockdown. The song is about anger, confusion, boredom, my old postman and unanswered questions!”

Listen to the new track for yourself here now.

The Rafters are most definitely a band that you need to keep up to date with in 2021 for they are going to do great things indeed!