YNES is the brainchild of English/Canadian Singer/Songwriter Kira. While she was born in Coventry she has spent a considerable amount of her life living and working in Canada. Kira first began recording/releasing under the name YNES in the autumn 2019

With regard to her musical influences and style, YNES says that she takes inspiration from a multitude of sources ranging from the likes of Lily Allen through to likes of Heart Attack Man and Front Bottoms.

The new single from YNES called “Better Job” is released today (12th February 2021) and YNES confirms that the track is all about the current state of affairs within the arts industry. furthermore she states that is also largely aimed at and about certain peoples attitudes towards creative work somehow not being considered ‘real work’.

This latest track is fuelled with passion for those who have suffered injustice, making a stand for creatives everywhere. Its a post punk/pop anthem sticking two proverbial fingers up to the Government. YNES is a girl who is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in and the lyric ‘Maybe I should get a Better Job’ which is delivered with such attitude has us thinking just that! This is just the start and we are sure that YNES is a girl who will have plenty more to say.

YNES has been known to describe herself as a ‘DIY’ independent musician (she also self produced a music video that was shortlisted by the Boudica Festival), and this approach certainly seems to be putting her in pretty good stead considering she’s played some pretty impressive venues to date, including Godiva Festival, FarGo Village, The Sunflower Lounge and a headline set at The Tin. She further has enjoyed radio play on Islington Radio and Pit Pit Punk in Montreal, Punk Rock Demonstration in LA (where she charted no.2 in the week) as well as collaborations with GIRLI and City of Culture and a feature on SHEWOLF Podcast.

“Better Jobs” by YNES (you pronounce it yin es) had already generated over 250 pre-saves on Spotify before its official release date and we can certainly see why there is a hype and a buzz surrounding this very talented singer/songwriter who isn’t afraid to speak up and make people listen through the power of her music.

Listen to the track “Better Job” here now