Darling Boy, is the alias of actor, writer and musician Alexander Gold.

Gold is an entirely self-taught multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and actor. To say he has got an impressive CV and back history would be putting it extremely mildly.

Gold has starred in many a musical role including as Topper Headon of The Clash in the feature film London Town, has been named as Musical Director of the smash hit musical All Or Nothing in London’s West End, played  Ian ‘Mac’ McLagan of Small Faces and The Faces and is currently playing John Lennon as part of one of the world’s biggest cruise ships’ resident Beatles.

Further Gold is a member of The United Kingdom Ukulele Orchestra, has been a guest of Dolly Parton in her home and was asked to join two of The Libertines front man Carl Barât‘s bands.

Not only that but he has also been a member of Joey Ramone’s favourite band of all time, got talked out of setting up a London squat by Sex Pistol Glen Matlock, and been taken out for dinner by Moby.

Most recently Gold has joined Supergrass’ Danny Goffey’s new band, switching between bass, guitar and drums.

Phew, just one or two strings to his proverbial bow then!

Gold as his alias Darling BOY brought out his debut single “Tea Drinkers of the World” on the 29th January 2021.

The track which is just under 2 ½ minutes long is a guitar driven pop song coupled with lively drumming and reverberating lyrics, The chorus of which is rousing and uplifting. Its an addictive hook line which is surely worthy of being played on the big stages of the world. ‘Tea Drinkers of the World’ wonderfully shows off Gold’s songwriting ability and his passion and drive for perfection.

In tongue in cheek jest Gold has said of the track:

“I love that notion that once a song is out there it’s everyone else’s to make sense of. And why waste all that energy writing four verses, two bridges and a chorus when one line will do perfectly if you do it right?  You can let the music do the talking. The meaning is always between the lines, anyway. I don’t know any other band that’s written a one-line song. It’s a world first as far as I can tell! I’m pushing music forward, in my own little way. Every other guitar band is looking backwards. Fifty years down the line there’ll be a shrine to me as the Father of Teaism.” 

“Tea Drinkers Of The World” was recorded at Warwickshire’s Vada Studios (Laura Mvula, You Me At Six, The Darkness), produced by Gold himself alongside Matt Terry (The Enemy) and mixed by Gethin Pearson (Kele, Charli XCX).

Yesterday (10th February 2021) the animated accompanying video to the track was also released.

We are told that the brief for the video was that Gold wanted it to represent “visual joy.” – taking him back to his childhood love of classic 16-bit gaming. The Video is animated and directed by Matt Hutchings.

Darling BOY has supported his choice for perhaps an unusual music video by saying:

“One of the big misconceptions bands have, is that the concept of watching them play a song from start to finish in a room makes an entertaining music video. It does not”

With this in mind, he further went onto comment;

“….. for Tea Drinkers I wanted to put something together that was a joy to look at, told a story and was festooned with colour to counteract these grey old times. I used to be a huge gamer as a kid and thought a classic 16-bit look would be a timely throwback to a more innocent, simple age, where a pandemic was something that happened on a busy kitchen-top. Matt Hutchings who directed and animated the video was also a gamer and knew exactly where to take the concept. He’s done an incredible job… he even made a sprite out of my Gretsch White Falcon – for this alone I will love him forever!

listen to “Tea Drinkers Of The World”and watch the special animated video here now