“It’s Alright When You’re Falling”

I first remember seeing Vala play live at the basement dive bar venue, Hula, in Manchester’s Stevenson Square, some time in, er maybe 2018? (those times were, and in some way these times still are, blurry ones). Back then they had a keyboardist and a set of songs which may not see the light of day, although they definitely should! The band has always rotated backing rhythm sections with singer-guitarist Joe Knowles and drummer/backing vocalist Matt Hill being the only constant members and songwriters. They worked with producer Mathieu Garcia of Red Sand Studio for years on their previous releases.

I first fell in love with their music when they released “Summer Air” an amazing indie ballad, an almost perfect pop song, in my humble opinion. The band has attained tens of thousands of streams on their released singles and EPs over the past few years, have ended up on Liverpool FC’s official playlist, and its safe to say their output is more than consistent.

Their new track “It’s Alright When You’re Falling” is a slightly different approach from their “Beach Boys from Blackpool”vibes, it’s spacey and Bowie/Lou Reed-esque, but leans on modern influences like Strfkr (aka starfucker a psychedelic indie outfit from the USA). Joe croons over crunchy echoey guitars, “the only time I’m worth calling is when you’re not around.” A feeling of isolation, loss and longing for a past love, somewhere off in space, is evident. While this track seems more like an album opener, I’ve no doubt these lads will continue to produce high quality singles in the months and years to come! I believe their fans, and I’m definitely one, will want an album.

This group have the potential to be on vinyls strewn across shops like Rough Trade ,with the right backing, and I’m looking forward to whatever is in store next from Vala!

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