Today sees the breaking news that This Feeling have launched their own record label.

What started out as a club night masterminded by This Feeling founder Mikey Johns, has seen lots of bands be propelled into the mainstream including the likes of Blossoms, The K’s and Red Rum Club and their nights are also known for being attended by some high profile fans such as Liam Gallagher, Carl Barat and Paul Weller and with Noel Gallagher saying that This Feeling is “The best club in the UK for suture Rock n Roll Stars”.

This Feeling Records will be run by Mikey Johns and Katie Gwyther of Fear PR. the pair will be working in partnership with ADA which is a part of the Warner Music Group.

An official statement from This Feeling states:

“There are a lot of brilliant new bands struggling for exposure, and This Feeling has always been about providing a platform for emerging young talent. We’re excited to be able to go a step further with This Feeling Records to offer acts a label with integrity and passion. The last year was disastrous for the music and arts industry and so we’re aiming to be a lifeline for new talent to be able to prosper.”

This is undoubtedly an amazing boast for the music industry after the year we’ve all suffered and were sure that there will be an influx of young hopefuls knocking on the This Feeling Records door. We wonder who their first official signing will be?

Words The Songbird HQ