Leeds based idiosyncratic indie-pop outfit MASI MASI  have independently released their fourth single Crabs’ on Wednesday 17th March.

This latest release is the fourth single off of a 9 track album entitled “Cöusins” which is set to be released in August 2021.

It’s apparent from listening to it that the new single ‘Crabs’ focuses more on MASI MASI’s live band influences as opposed to the smooth synth pop which can be heard on previous tracks, more instead focusing on influences such as Cage The Elephant, Electric Light Orchestra & last Shadow Puppets.

Singer Joe McGrath has said of the track:

“Crabs is a bit of a strange one, it was a mashup of about 4 songs I’d been working on for over a year and getting nowhere with, so it was probably put together out of frustration at first haha. But the nice thing was the lyrical themes were all the same too, about standing up to toxic forces and influences in your life. About seeing past the smoke in mirrors people put in front of you, and not to feel like you have to do right by people all the time. That’s quite a common theme in the MASI MASI stuff I think, it’s something I’m still probably struggling with.”

Upon listening to the track our ears were instantly pricked up with the pop-esque retro happy tunes and indie harmonies interspersed with sporadic heavy rock drum beats. Its got a perfect 90’s indie vibe to it making us think of festivals in the sunshine with our mates, drinking warm over priced beer singing back the lyrics to the band “It isn’t very funny to me when you laugh and joke at my friends I know they’re not nice they’re unkind but their mine” and “who are you to define me? try and change whats inside me?”. This is an absolutely perfect tune, and we believe that Masi Masi are onto something big with this track with is why we’ve made them our official Track of The Week.

Listen to “Crabs” by Masi Masi here now.