Yesterday (Friday 9th April) saw the brand new release from The Lathums entitled ‘Oh My Love‘.

The new single was recorded in Liverpool in late 2020 and ‘Oh My Love is a song which has seen the band turn their frustrations from the loss of live gigs and touring during the pandemic into a positive instead with their blinding studio recordings evoking the theme of turning a bad situation around; of turning feelings of desperation into feelings of hope once more.

The new track is a beautiful and harmonic melody coupling tinkling background piano sounds with perfectly understated guitars and drumming allowing the thought provoking lyrics sung with real feeling to shine, showcasing a real creativeness and tenderness to the track.

Credit – Ogden.Ewen

The song was written by front man Alex Moore as a young 16 year who had suffered personal loss and pain and although it’s a wise song beyond his then tender years, it is also an uplifting song… it’s hope in times of darkness perfectly set to the uplifting music and fun video.

Moore himself has said of the track:

“The opening line: ‘your face seems to have sunken, in the event of my demise’ starts a back and forth with someone who is no longer with us, talking from above. Moving on, lines like ‘time is weak and demanding of me’ are a concession to the fact that life moves on, it’s too short and there’s no need to hang on to negativity. It’s upbeat and happy, a complete juxtaposition to the starting point for the song when I was a hurting teenager.”

He also commented on his social media on the day of release;

I was only able to fully finish the lyrics after I met all of you lovely people who are genuinely interested about me and the lads. It was then that I found that I could make other people feel emotions and give you something to confide in.”

You can listen to ‘Oh My Love’ here

This latest release comes as The Lathums gear up for their biggest UK and Ireland headline tour to date later this year and continue to work on their much anticipated debut album release.

The Lathums have commented of the forthcoming album;

“I think everyone’s gonna be very happily surprised with what comes out [on their debut album]. None of the tracks sound the same – they’ve all got their own stories to tell. Being a songwriter, I saw them in my room just as little ideas and structures and then to actually hear them come to life with the lads playing together, and producers James Skelly and Chris Taylor doing all the magic. It brings them to life, and I think everyone is going to buzz off them.”

2021 is certainly going to be the year of The Lathums so make sure you’re following them to keep up to date on everything.

Credit – The Lathums


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