Following on from her first two singles, ‘Falling into you’ and ‘Why did we crash?’, songwriter Jen Dixon has dropped her third track, ‘Which Way is Down’.

Which Way is Down’ really is a track that builds on the metaphor of drowning in loneliness. Especially during lockdown, loneliness has never felt so common, even more so for those living alone and this song really focuses on the idea of never knowing if you are alone and if anyone can help you when you are in that state of mind. Although the song is very mellow yet hard hitting, its also full of provocative imagery and is laced with stunning vocals from the upcoming songwriter.

Jen writes, records and produces all of her songs from her bedroom studio that has a view of the North Sea, which clearly gives her the inspiration when writing tracks like ‘Which way is down’ which focuses on the ocean and water. With lockdown seeming to never end, what a great inspiration to have right on your doorstep when sitting down to write songs.

Credit – ChrisWhiles.Photo

When listening to the song for the first time, instantly it has a distinct similarity to pop singer Dido but with a modern twist. This kind of style is rarely about in modern day pop and especially when Jen adds a darker tone and layer to the style while making the song catchy at the same time.

The song is definitely one that should be added to the Sunday blues playlist on Spotify and saved for rainy days as it is simply served best with a cup of tea and the sound of rain drops on your window.

Although previously, Jen has supported musician Christopher Owens on his UK tour, it seems 2020 has really helped Jen come into her own and find her feet within the music industry and these recent releases really are just a taster of what is to come from this aspiring musician.

Listen to “Which Way Is Down” here now.


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