Relationships and music. Whether harmonious and blissful or on the other hand dark and terrifying, we can almost associate all degrees of our human connections to music.

Merseyside four piece Honey Motel encourage us to take a glimpse inside the “delicate and tangible nature of relationships” with the release of their new single “Keep It To Yourself”

Honey Motel, formed only last year have already produced fine work in their debut year with ‘Weekends’ and ‘Madeline’. They consist of Matthew Walker on lead vocals. Sam Meredith with Lead Guitar and Keys, Pablo Robinson Plays Drums and Jack Hughes plays bass.

“Keep It To Yourself” ushers us through the fragility of human relationships. The often mistake of putting someone upon a pedestal while liberating yourself of any of their truths to allow you to hold on to all the positives that transfers onto yourself. I’m sure its a feeling most of us can identify with. The bliss of being unaware.

The contrast of sounds within the mellow opening and the crashing drums and classic guitar rock are a “complementary contradiction” of feelings and emotions while the impassioned vocals unquestionably allow us to believe every word as we get caught up in the sound these guys provide us.

Credit – Honey Motel

Being from Merseyside myself I absolutely enjoy it when a local band portray the attitude and personality of the area and Honey Motel manage to capture that whilst bringing a new and imaginative sound of their own. For a band who have only been together for such a short time, this is a relationship that can only bring joy and a bright future. Unlike the title of the song, we are hoping Honey Motel keep nothing to themselves and continue to produce material as strong as “Keep It To Yourself”

This release also gives us a secret b-side track “How To Kill A Man” an extra gift giving us another in depth look into what we feel in keeping a relationship safe and the lengths we go to protecting something or someone we cherish. Another classic modern rock sound and addition to any playlist.

Honey Motel play the Arts club in Liverpool on the 22nd of October. A calendar entry for sure!

Listen to “Keep It To Yourself” here now.