Releasing his third single of the new year on the 16th April 2021, Morning Crush has delivered us the Bob Dylan vibes we’ve all been longing to hear in modern day music.

Credit – SPConcertphotography

Tightrope Dance follows his previous two singles of 2021, “Australian Sun” and “Peaceful Mind“, and is the perfect example of just what Morning Crush has to offer. 

The song falls beautifully into the indie-folk genre and touches on romance and companionship. It follows the narrative of a relationship ending at the right time without any baggage. 

To find a current song that really transports you back in time is difficult these days, but Tightrope Dance takes you to the era of the 1960’s whilst also carrying a pristine modern-day production which somehow makes the track even more authentic.

Morning Crush nearly gave up with the production of the song until he started working with Frank Turner, an English punk and folk singer, and thank god he did because this song is golden for the indie-folk genre. 

Credit – Timmorningcrush

It’s the perfect song to play while watching a sunset over country fields or for the first sip of your coffee on a spring morning. 

From busking on high streets to receiving airplay on BBC radio 6 to even sharing stages with the likes of Billy Ocean and Frank Turner, Morning Crush AKA Tim Ostrowsky-Thomas has developed a small but dedicated fanbase and has definitely gained another one after releasing this track. 

The track is so impactful as well as raw and honest and is definitely creating a path to success for this understated artist.

Listen to “Tightrope Dance” here now.







Words by Ellie Boyle