Paradise Circus’ are demanding we see their true colours (or spots, ha) with their latest smasher ‘What A Way (Cheetah)’.

The electric four-piece first met in Birmingham as teenagers and quickly became pals, leading them to become the mighty ‘Paradise Circus’ we see today!

The band consists of David Purchase on vocals, Callum Cartwright on lead guitar, Sam Allen on bass and Nathan Shingler on drums.

Vocalist David tells us

‘The song is about the ‘cheater’ in a relationship, it was first written in my basement at 11:30pm, when I detuned my Dad’s guitar trying to find a cool chord. The chorus was written in about 7 minutes and Cal’s guitar was done also in quick time. Written in 15 mins but took 2 years to complete.”

Whilst the April 19th release ‘What A Way (Cheetah)’ may have been a 2-year labour of love, ‘Paradise Circus’ have clearly been up to no good in the recording studio adding their finishing touches during lock down.

Following on from their 2020 single ‘Plastic Beach’ the lads highly anticipated floor filler starts with a classic feel good indie melody, leading swiftly into a hip grooving chorus that’s impossible not to move to!

Credit – Paradise Circus

‘What A Way (Cheetah)’ is the kind of tune you can imagine hugging your mates to in a muddy field whilst spilling your lukewarm pints on each other declaring love and other wonderful things. Listen here.

Its looking like that euphoric image isn’t far from reality for ‘Paradise Circus’ after selling out The Dark Horse (Birmingham) twice in just under 3 days.

A band to watch, for sure!


INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/Paradisecircusuk

SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3H6WxgbyzP0DWdBdW77960?si=sc0JP4VzRUSDRzFZw2W_og

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/paradisecircusuk

Words by Katerina Muszanskyj