Bucket hats out, Adidas and flares on, out in the garden banging out this belter, hands in the air with a pint of beer, it’s like the start of summer in the 90’s.

Marquis Drive are more than just a band they’re a powerhouse. Six members strong, all hailing from the Midlands, these guys are work horses of rock n roll. After Impressing music mogul and absolute hero Alan Mcgee at a show with the mighty Clockworks, Marquis Drive went on to release their first single “Proud” on Alan’s then Creation 23 label, which hit the UK vinyl charts at a very impressive No 2. Following on from this, the boys released two more massive singles “The Truth don’t shock” on Deadly Records and “Spaceman” which was released on the Conscious Bias Label.

The bands forth single “21st century gospel” is everything you would want from an indie rock n roll classic. A massive wave of strings lead you into this track, then with a pounding of drums you’re there. Instantly being reminded of all the giants of brit-pop, you get an air of the Seahorse’s, the mighty Shed Seven and a track that wouldn’t sound out of place on “Standing on the Shoulder of Giants” by a much loved Manchester band named after a fruit based soft drink. The story in this track is clearly a look over the past year. With cryptic personality we get the message that our memories are precious and when we look back over the year we’ll realise we have all become closer by being made to be apart. The Lyrics “The anybody’s sat at home, waging war upon the phone and not complaining” reminds me of calls we’ve all had, venting our frustrations but with a comical stiff upper lip attitude of acceptance. The chorus belts out “we’re not gonna change the world” delivered with this air of hope that makes us think, maybe we’re not going to change the world, maybe the world we have is a great one, maybe we don’t need to change it maybe we just need to love it again.

To the faithful army of followers a new Marquis Drive track will come with a certain amount of anticipation as well as expectation. the previous tracks nothing short of anthems. “A stone cold classic” says Mcgee regarding to “Proud” and “The Truth don’t shock” being hailed by RGM as a “Monster” of a track. I can safely say these fans and the multitude of new ones will all hail “21st Century Gospel” as a classic example of a stadium Rock n Roll banger.

“21st Century Gospel” is available on all streaming platforms from today (26th April 2021) and Marquis Drive will finally be back out on tour with dates being announced soon. Make sure you hit the lads up on the socials to keep up to date on all upcoming anthems and to find out what its like with six members and one tour bus.

Listen to “21st Century Gospel” here now.


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Words by JIM DOLAN