Jody And The Jerms are a six piece ourfit from Oxford, who formed in 2019. The band was founded by former members of The Anydays (who notably supported Radiohead and Supergrass in the 90s), and they are fronted by the singular Jody, who remarkably had never sung in front of anyone until she joined the band.

Niall from the band says “Jody had never sung before but I roped her into trying a song in the studio on the premise that I would do it if she didn’t, fortunately for everyone’s ears it worked out.”

Jody and The Jerms are Jody Jeger on vocals, Niall Jeger on guitar / slide / vocals, Alex Bridge on drums, Peter James Millson on Guitar / Vocals, Robert Anwood on Hammond organ and piano and David Meaden on Bass.

During the pandemic, the band used their time wisely to record a full album’s worth of tracks and secure a vinyl distribution deal. The band released their warmly received debut album ‘Deeper’ in September and against the odds, its singles like “It’s All Up To You” and “Deeper” secured them airplay at the likes of BBC Introducing, Radio X, BBC Ulster, RTE and Sirius XM. The Jerms even proved to be a surprise hit with a Spanish audience, earning support from various national media and the wider public there as well.

Jody and The Jerms are now back with their latest release “Sensation” which is the first teaser track from their upcoming EP of the same name.

Well. This is catchy. I swear there’s no pun intended. Let’s break it down, the drum beat is what you hear first. It’s a variation on the signature drums that Motown drummer the late great Benny Benjamin pioneered in the 1960s, snare played on every beat instead of 2 and 4. It’s not very often used in modern music. Being a Motown fan, it’s made me appreciate it more. This leads into a song that is infectious, making me want to sing along, and just have a great time, the vocals are clear, I love how there are some really great harmonies not overpowering the song, it doesn’t need it, just phrases and words. Everyone shines through on this, and for a first time listener this is a great place to start.

is that a Hammond organ? 

Yes. Yes it is. 

Niall from the band says “It’s about ‘what you see is what you get, with no pretense. There is nothing wrong with imperfection because no-one and nothing is perfect.”

Jody and The Jerms I like the cut of your jib. They are a brand of 90s indie, if you like your music physical, you may want to check out their vinyl. I may need to invest in some myself.

Listen to Sensation here now.

The SENSATION EP is due for release on the 10th May and consists of the four following tracks: 

  1. Sensation
  2. Nemesis
  3. Sunshine Ray
  4. Never Going Home







Words by DEL OWUSU edits by SALLY NEWMAN