You know when you read a review for a bands new single and it’s somebody like me saying how amazing the band is and how they’re such a huge fan and you think, yeah but you’ve got to say that, right? 

Well no, I don’t. I really don’t. 

I’d like to make a full disclaimer at the beginning of this article, I’ve taken no bribes in the form of love, money or free gig tickets to write the way I’m about to.

Aerial Salad are going to take over the F****** world.

Credit – Jake_Photo

For those who aren’t aware yet, ‘Aerial Salad’ are your new favourite Manchester based punk band consisting of 3 – 3.5 members (depending on which day you catch them) Jamie Munro on Vocals/Guitar, Mike Wimbleton on Vocals/Guitar and Matthew Mills on Drums.

The band have already burst onto the music scene in a big way playing gigs, festivals, appearing on Soccer AM and even selling over 500 copies of their debut album ‘Dirt Mall’ on Vinyl. Now they’re back with their newest release ‘John’,

Cover photo credit – HoldMyPint

John was recorded at VIBE Studios Manchester and was produced by Dean Glover (Shotty Horroh, Twisted Wheel, The Blinders).

If I were to describe John’ in two words it would be ‘perfectly brash’

My first listen to John’ had me thanking the punk gods for these human beings.

My second listen to ‘John’ had me dancing to the fridge to open a beer.

My third listen to ‘John’ had me on facetime to them demanding to know where and when I can see them live.

For those also wondering the answer to that question, Aerial Salad will be supporting Snuff in December 2021, get your tickets direct from the venue.

I sat down with Aerial Salad to have a chat about all things ‘John’ and beyond.

Aerial salad, lovely to chat with you! How are you today? 

M – Not too bad thanks, had a busy day of getting fly tipping cleared in the local area but can’t complain!

J – I’m sound – just in work 

‘John’ comes out today – are you buzzing?

M – I’m more buzzing than Barry Benson in Bee Movie 

J –  I’m absolutely overjoyed – it’s a mega one 

Who or what is ‘John’ about? 

M – Johns. Jobsworths and the overriding cycle of work, pub, die.

J – John is about Johns – a sales term that basically means jobsworths but it extends to people beyond jobs – these are lifers. John is like the white British male equivalent of Karen! It’s also about the whole work life balance – (john is a slang for gear in the salad van).

We are very excited to hear more from you, what’s next for Aerial Salad after ‘John’?

M – We’re going to be releasing a couple more singles over the next few months which will come in time for summer and hopefully the return to more normality

J – Oh next single is coming in a couple of months – it’s a slightly more ‘traditional’ sounding Salad song and it’s also an absolute belter.

Do you have any live gigs coming up where we can hear ‘John’ live? If so, which one are you most excited for?

M – We’re working on some gigs but at the moment you’ll be able to see us on our tour with Snuff which has been rescheduled to December, I’m looking forward to playing at The Cathouse in Glasgow purely because of the Oasis novelty but other than that I’m just excited to play.

J- Yeah going on tour with Snuff in December – first time the work will hear Dirt Mall live – which is an incredible album we release in March 2020 (which retrospectively wasn’t the best time to bring out an album… we live n learn) Really excited for the Manny one.


I can firmly say, it’s Aerial Salad’s world, we are just living in it and providing them with entertainment and writing material.

Listen to “John” here now.



Website – Https://www.aerialsalad.co.uk

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