Quarter Chubz recently released their brand-new debut single ‘Until We Meet Again’. The single is painfully raw and admittedly isn’t easy listening, but it is honest and rare.

The track is brutal with how honest it is and after hearing their story it is truly heart-breaking. The band formed in 2012 and originally consisted of 3 friends; Callum, John and Stuart and were later joined by Andrew on lead guitar.  

Sadly, six years later frontman Callum took his own life. After losing their band mate Stuart and John started jamming together again and started writing a song for Callum and that became their debut track “Until We Meet Again“. 

The song is a stunning tribute to their bandmate and although its not polished I feel that’s exactly how the song should sound because it presents their band, unfinished and missing some parts.

One thing that really was an extra detail is that each verse spelt out Callum’s name which can be found on their YouTube. A song for Callum that is built upon his name is just that little extra to make the song even more personal. 

The violin that was added by Mariam Amhaz was the perfect addition to a stripped back track and really built this song into a raw debut single for Quarter Chubz.

Although, I would’ve never found this song myself, I’m so glad I have because it is rare to find a song that touches so personally into the band’s history and when grieving what better way to heal than to create music that others can sympathise and relate to.


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Words by Ellie Boyle

all pic credits Quarter Chubz