Three simple words that’s going to breed excitement in every indie lovers heart.

Another truly magical band hailing from the creative hotbed of Liverpool. Generating Anthems of summer pop perfection and heartbreak is the best way of describing this exceptional five piece.

Their previous single “Tomorrow” is a guitar driven tale of modern day young love in a world of social media expectancy. It also reminds us of the anxious excitement felt, waiting all week for a big night out and its expectations of love, laughter and the bitter sweet taste of the morning after. Having received a ‘spotlight’ feature on Steve Lamacq’s legendary recommends show and spins from Dave Monks at BBC Introducing Merseyside we can safely say that the city of Liverpool has given us yet another musical gift.

The latest single ‘TIRED OF LOVING YOU’ out yesterday (7th May) on the Frictionless Music label, is a 100% summer heartbreak indie anthem. This beautify crafted track starts off nothing short of epic. An instant hands in the air singalong with a delicate air of new hope after a lost love. If Snow Patrol and The 1975 had been shoegaze, The Pixies we’re from Liverpool and Arcade Fire lived next door, you would have PARIS YOUTH FOUNDATION.

Frontman Kevin Potter’s vocals are effortlessly perfect with a level of individuality that sits in your ear as it tells this story. Not unlike Romeo from the Magic Numbers it has a comforting honesty about it.The story may be a simple one but no less important. The tale of the world your left in after a break up. The agonising questions that run around your head, the anxiety of what happens now and the long road to stitching yourself back up. “My Hearts not broken its superglued, I’m getting tired of loving you” is a wonderful lyric to describe the fragility of this time period. Its like that thought of wishing there was a pill that could stop you from feeling that deep sense of love lost uncertainty. To be fair this track could well be that pill.

Speaking of the track Potter describes………

“Tired Of Loving You is about the exhausted feeling after a drawn-out breakup, realising that the calls from your ex in the middle of the night aren’t because they miss you, but because they are too scared to admit it’s over. Without honesty, that cycle of drunken missed calls could loop forever. Just two people who would rather keep putting themselves through this than admit it’s done. There are no happy endings like in the movies.”

Everything about this track screams hit record, from the driven guitar supplied by Tom Morris Jones and Jamie Hives the pounding drums of Nathan Prince and solid basslines by Mike Bower all generating the perfect backing for Potters fantastic vocal and story telling. The name PARIS YOUTH FOUNDATION itself comes from a memory Potter had of Graffiti he spotted in a metro station on a childhood visit to the french capital, a definite sign in itself that this was meant to be.

Like all bands the boys are itching to get back out on the road and up on those stages. Recently announcing their first live date for 2021 at Sonic Wave in Birmingham on Sat 11th December sharing the bill with the mighty Vistas, Yonaka and hot tip The Sherlocks. They will also be appearing at the now rescheduled Leicestershire 110 Above Festival on Sat 14th August 2021.

I honestly can’t wait to keep my eyes on this hugely impressive group. I think we’ll soon see PARIS YOUTH FOUNDATION graffitied all over many other cities and I for one will be holding a spray can!

Listen to “Tired Of Loving You” here now.



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Words by JIM DOLAN photo credits – ParisYouthFoundation