Straight out of New York City for this one! Great riffage on the guitars, catchy as hell and the vocals… I love the way how Rosie’s vocals cut through the wall of sound and stand out. It’s just one of those songs where you could imagine them really having fun in a rehearsal space jamming this. The melody is what attracted me to this song, I’ve replayed it a couple of times now. It’s safe to say it’s stuck in my head. There could have been temptation to add a harmony on top (The band will need to confirm this as I’d genuinely like to know). The unison male vocal sits perfectly on this it doesn’t need anything else as arrangement wise, it just… fits!

Ian Rose, the drummer, and the new kid on the block in the band is the MVP here, he’s going in like a monster with some nice fills, from the top you hear the tom rolls after the guitar intro. It made me shout “YES!” and punch the air.

I kid you not. 

You can tell he’s the gate keeper on this as he’s making the rhythm serve the track and not the other way round,  straight down the line and using his kit perfectly with ride cymbals in the chorus and the bridge. Great work sir. I salute you. 

The bassline punctuates the whole song, giving it that big bottom that it needs, and not over complicating things, which is typical of the punk scene from which this was birthed.

Aaaaaaaaand just like that it’s over clocking in at 2:57 seconds. Short and sweet. I like it. 

This is the second track from their forthcoming album, following hot on the heels of “Distant Lullaby”, and having heard that one, I reckon these two songs are a great advert for what’s to come from that project.

They’re currently making a big noise on the East Coast of America, especially having featured in The New York Times group exhibition “Women Are Making The Best Rock Music Today” (I’ve heard some great tracks from female artists in the last year women are making some of the best music full stop…), Paste Magazine have hailed them as one of their “15 New York City Bands You Need To Know In 2020”.

Well. If that doesn’t turn you on to them I don’t know what will.

New album “Always Something” is out on the 28th May.



Words by DEL OWUSU