Today sees CHARLIE CLARK return with his second single and the title track from his upcoming album “Late Night Drinking”.

Charlie Clark is a multi-talented songwriter, musician, promoter and more. First rising to prominence as a founding member of acclaimed Glasgow indie-pop foursome Astrid, Clark has been a pro-active presence in the underground music scene for over two decades. From his role in Scottish supergroup The Reindeer Section to his own projects Broken Arrow and MJ12, Clark has earned a cult status amongst public and peers alike, becoming a go-to guest musician to the likes of Mogwai, Arab Strap and Snow Patrol in the process.

This latest offering from the Scottish singer/songwriter “Late Night Drinking” is a complete change of pace from the singers first, very mellow track “Don’t Have a Cow Man”. It’s an attention grabbing, full on rock song and despite its subject muse, is a complete toe tapper!

It’s a track that undoubtedly echoes the heavy chord driven masterpieces of the likes of Ash , Idlewild and Arcade Fire; it mixes blazing guitar breaks interspersed with powerful lyrics of searing intensity that’s an exhilarating whirlwind for the listener focusing on the power of mixed emotions that reflect on hard life experiences. The track finds the songwriter acknowledging the bitter breakdown of a past relationship with unflinching rawness and honesty.

Clark says:

“Late Night Drinking is the official 2nd single and title track from my debut. It was the last song I wrote for the album and it’s really about my marriage falling apart in Los Angeles.”

“Late Night Drinking” was produced by Jason Shaw (Cambodian Space Project) and mastered by Mark Gardener from RIDE, “Late Night Drinking” also features Calum Buchanan (The Sea Atlas) and was recorded in Uig on the Isle of Skye.

This new release also heralds a brand new and very exciting start for Clark in that it is the first official release from his own brand new independent record label: No Big Deal Music.

No Big Deal Music is intended to be an independent record label with a mission to release new music from the Scottish Highlands and Islands where Clark currently lives, as well as some of the finest sounds to have caught his ear from around the world.

Indeed, Clark has already enlisted a stellar roster of signees to the No Big Deal Music label including: The Sea Atlas, Clarke & The Himselfs and Scott C Park. With releases already planned throughout 2021, expect to hear new music from all of the aforementioned acts, as well as the release of Charlie’s long-awaited debut album: ‘Late Night Drinking’, which is confirmed for release this coming October.



Following the release of the brand new single today, we also had the pleasure of catching up with Charlie for a quick chat.

1) Charlie, thank you so much for talking with us again, last time we spoke was on our Instagram Live and you had just released the video that you made as a tribute to your Dad Charlie Senior ‘A Bridge To Your Idol’ how did it feel to share that personal story with everyone?

Always a pleasure Erin! I really felt like I needed to get that song, video and parts of the album out the way before focusing on the more fun songs/singles. My family were really happy with the video and it’s such a great thing for us to have for posterity.

2) Today is an exciting day for you with the release of your brand new track ‘Late Night Drinking’ what is the story behind this track?

This was the last song I wrote for the album after moving back from Los Angeles. This song is really about the breakdown of my marriage and drinking again after a long period of sobriety. It sure is a toe tapper though!!!

3) You have recently set up your own record label ‘No Big Deal Music’ how amazing does it feel to have your own label and what plans do you have for the label going forwards?

It feels absolutely amazing. I think I’m a bit of a nightmare to look after because my mind goes a mile a minute! When you’re a working musician you need to be consistent these days to try and make it work, so having the control over everything and not waiting for the phone to ring feels good. I have 3 artists I’m releasing this year who honestly I’m just a massive fan of. Scott C Park and The Sea Atlas from the Isle of Lewis (like me) and Clarke and the Himselfs based in Los Angeles. All the artists have a definite feel and I think as songwriters there’s a lot of mutual respect with idea choices and melodies that connect us all.

4) There are so many fantastic artists coming out of Scotland like The Snuts, Dictator and PG Ciarletta on the independent scene, who have you been listening to lately?

There is an artist from Inverness I’m obsessed with who goes by Joshua Hotel and he also fronts the band Lional. (Early postcard records vibe) and My friend Tanya from Edinburgh is currently recording an album with David Holmes and I was lucky enough to hear it! She’s a dreampop genius and also going to be touring with me! Felix Saunders from my hometown is excellent as well. Honeyblood… much!

5) Last week you treated the fans to a live Facebook stream with your best pal of many years Willie Campbell who is also your band mate in Astrid. It was so lovely to hear you both performing not only Astrid tracks but each others tracks aswell. What is it like performing and working with your best friend?

Thank you Erin and we could have played all night. Loved it! I’ve been best pals with Willie since I was 10 years old and as long as we’re both around so will Astrid. We’ve had 30 years to go through so much together and probably love playing in Astrid more now than we ever did.

6) There are some great venues in Scotland for live music, are there any particular venues in Scotland that you would love to play that you haven’t yet?

Oooh, I would love to play the Hydro. It’s apparently very good to play.

7) Your twin boys Charlie and Ethan are just beautiful, if they wanted to become musicians when they were older what advice would you give them?

Don’t take the brown acid!!!! (Just kidding!) I would just tell them there’s no right or wrong or formula to follow and to do what feels right and trust your gut.

8 ) You’ve shared the stage with some big names like Snow Patrol, is there anyone you would really love to support in the future?

I’d really love to play with Guided by Voices or PJ Harvey. Hmmm, that’s a good question!

9) The videos are so good for ‘I don’t have a cow man’ and ‘No Big Deal’ both tracks which are off your upcoming album ‘Late Night Drinking’ along with the main single of the same name. You always look like you have so much fun in your videos (Charlie actually dressed up as a cow for his last single) where do you get the ideas from your videos?

Ha! Thank you, I normally just get a rough idea in my head and then I call Keith Morrison who owns Wee Studio Records (Astrid’s label) give him the idea and we just shoot it. I’ve only recently started enjoying making them!

10) Lastly, now lockdown is lifting what are you most looking forward to as life gets back to some normality?

I honestly just can’t wait to tour and play! I played an outdoor gig last Saturday and it felt incredible. Some Astrid and solo shows lined up so woo hoo to that!!!


Review and Interview by SALLY NEWMAN & ERIN POWER of The Songbird_HQ