Broken Fires return with their eagerly awaited title track of the EP ‘New Friends’ produced by their very own guitarist Justin Hendy.

The band explores their folk rock sounds and have comeback with a melodic feel compared to their previous fast paced songs such as ‘Elephant’ that gained them global recognition. 

New Friends has an almost familiar safe feel to it, with melodic vocals which were laid down in the front room of Justin’s flat in Swansea.

Credit – Broken Fires

The Song was written after Tom Stephens moved from Wales to London, it speaks of going completely out of your comfort zone and pushing yourself to new challenges. 

Tom speaks of his move from Wales to London. 

“Thinking back to that time when I moved to this crazy city. I met some people who talked a lot of s**t and it took me a while to figure that out, and to figure out where / fit into things.”

New Friends explores recalling situations and Tom vividly remembers a cartoon by Glasweigen artist David Shrigley

“It’s an illustration of a group of cartoon characters with tiny legs and big circular faces.” remembers Tom. “All apart from this one who has a square face. The circular shaped guys pick him up, hold his corners up to an angle grinder and shape him into a circle just like them. Sometimes you meet new people you homogenise… or something profound like that.” 

New Friends is definitely is a song about moving forward and fitting in which many will resonate with many.

The band are very much welcomed back, having previously sold out shows on the River Thames after being picked up for play on BBC Introducing, quickly gaining praise their songs were showcased on shows such as MTV the real world, Teen Mom’s and British shows such as Eastenders. 

The forthcoming EP is eagerly awaited by many already with Steve Lamaq already championing the single ‘Dreamers‘ on his BBC Radio 6 show. 

The EP will showcase the bands originality and creativity with songs such as ‘The Writer’ Featuring lead vocals being recorded in a Chapel in Monmouth and string sections being provided by Angharad. On the Song ‘The Writer’ the band experiment with new sounds made by hitting a large broken ride cymbal with a whisk.

Credit – Broken Fires

Exciting times are ahead for Broken Fires with the single showing a magic harmonious folk mixed with indie to provide a real feel good listen.






Words by TAMSIN JONES for The Songbird HQ