Well! This is a song with attitude! It starts off with a solid riff, real gutsy… Then it settles into a groovy blues, American rock influenced jam. The guitar’s drawing me in, and I’ve got my air guitar out with one string missing and my wall of VOX A30s cranked up to 11. If you get that reference, kudos to you.

Everyone shines out on this track, you can imagine mosh pits going wild with this – when they’re allowed again – watch out for the little drum solo at 1:56 which leads into a portion of the song where everything gets low but then building up into a big finish. The rhythm all the way reminded of something, and it’s just caught me, “My Generation” by The Who but without John Entwhistle’s epic walking bass solo and the call and response. Nonetheless, it’s one to definitely air windmill your guitar to. What a tune! No one’s coming to take your blues away if you’re playing this tune lads!

That’s it. I’m a fan. 

Credit – Emily 7

So, who are Emily 7?

Well, they are two brothers and two friends who hail from Dublin, Ireland, who started out as a duo originally – this is the line up 

Kyle Bellew – Vocals, guitar

Scott Bellew – Drums

Daniel Clarke – Guitar

Brandon Carrig – Bass

They’re brand ambassadors for Fred Perry and have been featured on RTE as part of their series focusing on the indie music scene in Ireland.

Credit – Emily 7

Listen to “Somebody” here now



Words by DEL OWUSU