Having been a long time supporter and fan of Andrew Cushin we were very excited when news broke of his upcoming new single “Memories”.

Upon first listen we were immediately taken in by the amazing quality of the vocals displayed. Andrew has clearly come along since his first release and it shows, with this new track bringing a new more grown up / professional sound to his vocals. Its a sound that is not so far removed from the likes of Noel Gallagher and Jake Bugg adding a new dimension to his sound and we’ve got to say its very impressive. It’s a sound far beyond the young Geordie’s 20 years.

The strumming of the acoustic guitar has us feeling all wistful and dreamy and by the time the gentle drum stokes kick in, we’re well and truly hooked.

This track is the first taste of Andrew’s sessions with Radiohead, Michael Kiwanuka and Richard Woodcraft and it was mixed by John Davis (Royal Blood, Dua Lipa and The Killers).

Credit – RJM Visual

Its a truly meaningful and incredibly heartfelt single in which Andrew so eloquently takes on the topic of male mental health. Its an important song aimed at trying to break the stigma surrounding the display of male vulnerability.

Credit – RJM Visual

The accompanying video is also very personal and emotional as it features Andrew’s very own grandad. Cushin has said of the track;

““The lyrics, ‘What is a man and what can he do?’, symbolises that unfortunately some men in this world remain unsure of their place as a husband, provider, father or peer – they are roles that are never taught about…At a time when male suicides are on the rise, the memories we hold seem more important than anything.”

He continues

“Whether you love it, hate it, or just think its “okay”, it was a special record to make….. not only that but I had the privilege of getting my grandad involved! something that will stay with me forever! Time will tell how this track is received, but quite frankly, I’ve already done everything I wanted to achieve in the “Memories” project. Love you all and enjoy x”

Andrew and his Grandad on set filming the video for Memories

Memories’ is an absolutely stunning track from the young Geordie. We absolutely love it!

Listen to “Memories” here now.





Words by SALLY NEWMAN for The Songbird HQ