This is the new single from Reading quartet Third Lung, and it’s billed as an anthem. The track was released on the 28th May and is available on all major download platforms now.

I agree. 

The lyrics in the chorus support this –

“Now hold the line, we’re not giving up this time, so what are we waiting for?”

This, and the melody for it just catch you by its simplicity. I want to talk about the musicianship, the song as a whole has an 80s influence, the drum choices with reverb on the snare show this, same with the bass – sounds like it’s picked? Whatever it is, he’s the MVP here, as the bassline is catchy as anything and it’s in the pocket. Nothing complicated, but then you don’t need it to be complicated to get your listener. Can I just say the guitar solo is beautifully played? The choices made with the effects are gorgeous. I’m not a guitarist, but with my producer and songwriter head on it touches me.

Credit – Third Lung

Overall, it’s a song of positivity, which is what we need in these times, and it urges the listener to keep going. There’s so much more for them to get better. To be honest, on a personal note, I needed this and there are two people I can think of off the bat that need to hear this, purely for the lyrics, because it’s a song that can show that when it’s gets dark there is still hope. Amen gentlemen. Amen.

So. Who are Third Lung? Well they are a quartet from Reading:

Sam Waugh – Drums

Rob Jacques – Bass

Cams Jurasek – Lead guitar/BVs

Tom Farrelly – Lead vocals/Guitar

Credit – Third Lung

They’ve been championed by Steve Lamacq, Amazing Radio and BBC Introducing, they’ve played Camden Rocks and The Great Escape Festival. They have a busy year ahead with tour dates from July, as well as more single releases. Keep it up gentlemen, you will take over the world.

Listen to Hold The Line here now.




Words by DEL OWUSU