Big Fuzzy Fast Paced Rock n Roll Heaven. 

The eagerly awaited new single from the fantastic London based quartet Louis & The Shakes. “On One” is upon us and its another piece of gold. Following on from the critically acclaimed singles “How Badly Do You Want It” and “Losing My Mind” which came out in April and is defiantly one of my favourite tracks of the year so far, it would appear there is no stopping these boys. The last two singles were featured on Amazon Music’s Best New Bands as well as ranking up multiple spins on BT Sport, Radio X, Amazing Radio and pretty much everyone that’s come into contact with these riff masters.

With an onslaught of releases ready to go Louis & The Shakes are building a discography of limitless promise. The band are quickly becoming firm favourites of ours over at The Songbird HQ, with their trademark hard hitting riffs, stomping drums, 70’s style vocal melody’s and pure rock n roll swagger.

“On One” kicks right off with another infectious riff backed up by a super snappy snare roll and bang before you know it your hands are in the air with a rock salute and your head is shaking like your at The Burning Man Festival living your best life. Reminiscent  of the sounds of “Queens Of The Stone Age” and “Wolfmother” with the fuzz of the “The Black Keys” these boys create a unique wave of low-fi blended sounds that would fit perfectly in a Tarantino movie.

The track delves into the toxic mindset of being consumed by what others think of us, championing self-acceptance with masterful lyric’s and delivered with uber cool swagger.

speaking of the track frontman Louis tells us………

This song is for those who want to make something of this life. Hold your head high, ride the waves. None of us are perfect, we all make mistakes. You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone, just be yourself”.

Lining up nicely to their album which is set for release in September 2021, “On One” is a clear example of the sonic arsenal of anthemic tracks Louis & The Shakes have in there back pocket. I also want to mention that these guys have some of the best artwork in rock n roll today. So shake those snake hips, lose your mind and get on one! 

With live dates and festival coming in thick and fast make sure you never miss a chance to catch these boys. “On One” is available now on all platforms so get on it. you know it makes sense.

Listen to “On One” here now.





Words by JIM DOLAN