Patriot Song

Art Block is a London based singer songwriter and his latest EP ‘The Basement’ was curated by The British Sound Library and featured on Amazing Radio, gaining international airplay and being featured on music blogs.

In 2019 Art released a debut acoustic album, a collection of songs recorded in a day at The Premises studio in Hackney and mastered by the legendary Pete Maher (U2, Pixies, Jack White, Newton Faulkner) and features ‘Ed Seed’ who has toured with ‘La Roux’ and ‘Dupa Lipa’. The eminent folk guitarist Ben Walker produced his EP ‘Borderline’ which was released to critical acclaim and the music video has been featured on Adagio TV in Russia. His EP ‘Eliza’ was released in 2018 and the music video of the title track ‘Eliza’ has been played on Sky TV Keep it Country. 

So, let’s talk about this latest release ‘Patriot Song’ which was released 11th June. This is mainly a guitar led song but the delicate strings blend all the sounds into a dreamy rhythm. The melody in the chorus is gorgeous and one thing that made my ears prick up was the drum roll on the snare, transporting you into a trance with each beat. The lyrics are beautifully poetic, it could almost be a folk song, written centuries ago with a lute as accompaniment. Let’s examine the lyrics for a moment…. 

The first verse name checks the River Thames “The Thames does flow inside my soul” (sang like a true Londoner because Art Block is from London after all), “I’ll fill it up with rusted gold”, I like the lyrical flow on this as it is musical poetry at its finest, which brings me on to the next part – “A patriot cry a wizened wire I won’t be slipped back into lies”… for me this song speaks to you on so many levels, I will stand corrected if I’m wrong, but it could be about how whilst London is an ancient city that was originally full of fields and marshes, it has changed a great deal but still retains its glory. It’s an ode to my home town, and I’m here for it.  

This song is stunning in its simplicity via the message and melody, and I have listened to it many times this week just to get the feel of it. Well done on a most gorgeous song. 


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Words by DEL OWUSU for The Songbird HQ