Being a huge indie fan, there is always the search to find a new artist or band to add to my playlist and TwinsTown is a great find!

The band consists of frontmen and twins Stuart and Donald who previously played in bands Wingnuts and Wölves, drummer Wayne Robertson, guitarist and bassist Harry Dixon and on the keys, Mark Duyon. 

‘Dive in’ is the debut single from the Scottish indie band, Twinstown. The track is uplifting and is one that I can already picture people dancing to in a muddy field at festivals with a pint in hand. The Scottish influence mixed with the indie genre is one that makes me fall in love with this song and has been the reason I haven’t stopped listening to it since the first listen.

On the first listen I felt like I was listening to a mix of Gerry Cinnamon, but maybe that was just the Scottish accent, and Frank Turner 

Catchy and has a ridiculous hook, this track is an anthemic banger with a definite rock n roll influence. This track, with the right airplay will go down as a classic Scottish indie pop anthem to play at every festival and party. 

The tribe have already been to Tpot studios to record their debut album, Brankholm Brae, with producer Robin Evans, so this most definitely not be the last banger we’ll hear from the upcoming Scottish band.

‘Dive In’ is available to stream now!