This song is deliciously weird.

I like weird. A LOT.  

“We are sick and tired of the clergy accepting free cups of tea.”

This has a serious message behind it, the writer is sick and tired of things that have always been, and the video illustrates this.

From the beginning, we see someone looking down at a desktop and sitting up listening to the band singing their frustrations out, the camera moves around and in, while the background changes, both animated and static art. I’m really impressed by this because there’s so much to be learned here, and also it depends on your perspective as to what it means to you… For me, I see the giant person as either representing the establishment, looking down at the little people calling for change, or maybe representing God, as the first line is about referencing the church.

The song is born from a situation where Micko Westmoreland had given money to a homeless person and was judged by a local resident for colluding with the problem. The song is strongly worded, and shows how much there isn’t much compassion in the world.

I wholly agree, and it makes me wonder whether there ever was. 

But that’s a story for another day.

All in all, a great song, taken from the band’s album “‘½ DOVE – ½ PIGEON’” available now.


Words by DEL OWUSU