DEATH OF THE HIGH STREET (D.O.T.H.S) are the 4-piece Midlands based alternative punk rock band who released their first single ‘Exit’ on August 27th 2021 via Alan McGee’s It’s Creation Baby record label.


Following in the footsteps of their label mates The Clockworks, the band sent a message containing one of their tracks to Mcgee on his personal insta account and were amazed to receive an immediate response from the man himself.

McGee approached the band saying that he appreciated their honest lyrical content that fitted so comfortably alongside music Influenced by the likes of Viagra Boys and Sleaford Mods and so a meeting was arranged which resulted in Mcgee signing the band to his label.

The bands debut release “EXIT” is a coming-of-age commentary style track exploring mundane life in less than inspiring surroundings, It successfully explores mental health issues alongside individuality in a monologue of sharp thought provoking genius. The track was written, composed and produced by the band themselves.

D.O.T.H.S have said of their new release;

“There’s a point in everyone’s life where they must face themselves and ask “where have I been? What have I done? Where am I going?” Exit was the mirror I held up to myself. I didn’t like it, but that’s ok.”

EXIT” is a tune for the modern generation who want a voice through the medium of music. With its kitchen sink commentary that will resonate with so many and incite a flame of belonging within “I try to think I’ve got something in common with the rest of the world
But I don’t like the pop charts, I won’t set foot in Primark. I try to think we’re all just victims in a game of chance But I don’t do romance, everything is just circumstance

The track starts off with an almost ska-esque guitar and drum rhythm leading you in on a wink and a promise that quickly hooks you in and then the plot twists and turns as you are thrown into a delicious vibe of full force punkism at it’s absolute finest.

The band is made up of Scott Baxter on lead vocals and guitar, Andy Purves on guitar and backing vocals, Ash Simpson on bass and Joe Hodges on drums. Ash and Joe met while they were still at school and they met Scott in 2015 when they were all involved in other projects. D.O.T.H.S was formed in December 2020 with Andy being the newest band member to recently join the line up .

We are told that the unusual name choice for the band comes from witnessing the coming and going of business after business on their local high street, hence the band name – Death Of The High Street.

D.O.T.H.S subject matter often explores the desolate and disengaged nature of their surroundings. The video for their single ‘Exit’ is appropriately filmed in an old abandoned factory, once a hive of activity in the Midlands identity as part of the British industrial revolution. With so many local venues closing down over lockdown, D.O.T.H.S are often left to rehearse in a local warehouse space, making music that is prepped and ready to be heard by a larger audience.

Listen to D.O.T.H.S debut single release “ExitHERE NOW

D.O.T.H.S possess a dominant presence and have a powerful social commentary which is no doubt set to see them grow as an exciting new act, mentored by one of the biggest names in British music, with such energy behind them, D.O.T.H.S will tell it like it is, and people will listen.




Sally Newman