Apollo Junction are back and ready and raring to go with the release of their second album; All In.

“All In” was released yesterday (12th Nov) and is available on all major streaming and download platforms as well as being available in physical format from their own website and independent record shops now!

“All In” is an album that finds its release just at the perfect time. Right when there seems to be a ray of light at the end of the tunnel, a time when the music scene is slowly returning from its enforced slumber. It’s an album that epitomises a feeling of optimism and hope. An album for the resurrection!

Tracks on the album such as “Light Up The Sky” and “On The Ropes” really give us that feel good vibe. It’s a very pop influenced album putting us in mind of the likes of Supergrass and Blur. A happy nostalgic trip, full of catchy hooks and big anthem choruses.

We are still loving the track “When We Grow Up” which is a previous release from the band and which is featured on the album. It’s a track that rekindles the joy and innocence of youth. The accompanying video is also brilliant; if you haven’t seen it yet, it features the bands friends and family all messing around having fun for the camera. Good times! Watch it here now.

With this album, Apollo Junction show that they mean business. During the lockdown, it’s clear that the band used their time wisely to make this cracking album and they also maintained a high presence on their socials, meaning that their fan base has continued to steadily grow and the release of this album is surely going to be very well received.