Hailing from Manchester, Spangled are the four piece band consisting of Ben Johnson on Vocals, Jamie Halliday on Guitar, Niall McGovern on Bass and Nathan Kenyon on Drums.

Spangled bounced onto the scene in 2019 with their eclectic blend of witty, heartfelt lyrics, lively attitudes and punch the air riffs.

Tipped by This Feeling for their Big in 2021 feature, Spangled have entertained crowds in Manchester and beyond, with their musical delights including a performance at last years Isle of Wight Festival.

Taking inspiration from artists such as David Bowie, Foo Fighters, Sly and The Family Stone, Supertramp and The Beatles, Spangled encapsulate the essence of music from years past by melding together various genres to produce a truly unique sound, that is both edgy and joyful.

Greenhills’ Superstar is the final single release from the band before the release of their debut EP Chasing Nebula’s which is out on 4th March 2022.

Ben has said of the new single;

It’s a tune that makes you want to take your main character moment and stride through the cosmos with your mates. It’s about a girl, obviously, and it was written in 2019, I always thought this would be my way of “remembering” her for years to come. Especially because of how specific it is, she comes from a place called Greenhills… I’m not gonna listen to it and be like “ahh wonder how my Grandma’s getting on”, this was my way of paying tribute to a specific moment in time. But when I hear it now I don’t think about her, as lovely as she is, I realize now that it’s not her song. It’s mine and Jamie’s song, we wrote f*ckin wrote it. And that’s important cos it goes to show you can have all the musical knowledge in the world, but when the moments right and you’re with the right people, you’ll get a diamond from it. And that’s what Greenhills’ Superstar is about, it’s the band facing the rest of world saying “Listen up you lot, this is us. We’re this good. Pay attention”

And Jamie further went onto state;

“Something in the coffee must have hit us cos the song just wrote itself. Ben and I were just messing around in a practise room and I jumped behind the kit with the guitar and just started stomping a beat on the kick drum. Then the riff just followed out of nowhere, as did some of Ben’s best lyrics. None of it was pre-planned, it was just the right moment in time for it to happen. As Ben lunged himself headfirst into the chorus, I knew it was gonna be a winner. When we got to playing it with Niall and Nathan, the whole thing just went up another level – you can feel the energy in the room when we all play it together. Grab your big boy spoons, n buckle up x”

Greenhill’s Superstar was produced by Gareth Nuttall and mastered by Grant Berry.

Listen to Greenhill’s Superstar here now

Spangled are due to head out on the road with This Feeling starting this weekend as follows;

Friday 4th Feb – The Boulevard Wigan

Saturday 5th Feb – The Water Rats London

Saturday 12th Lending Room Leeds

Friday 25th Feb – Broadcast Glasgow

Saturday 26th Feb – Sneaky Petes Edinburgh

Friday 11th March – Night People Manchester

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