Patrick Jordan is a name that’s been appearing all across my timeline recently, so I thought it was time I shared some thoughts on his brand of music. Patrick is described as a UK alt-country/blues artist but that only tells part of the story; he is one of those musicians who is obviously full of creative energy, and the energy to turn that creativity into good quality music.

His musical career started in production (with a CV including work with Cattle & Cane, Young Rebel Set, Eve Conway and Jodie Nicholson), before he moved into making his own music. An 11-song album (A Woman Like You) soon appeared, but unfortunately the timing was nowhere near as good as the music – this was the fateful month of February 2020, meaning Patrick was unable to tour the record and give it the recognition it deserved. However, it’s clear that he didn’t waste his lockdown experience, instead going into his home studio and producing a second album (Louder) – a combination of multi-instrumentalism and remote collaboration with UK and US artists.

Since that record was released, Patrick signed with Northeast England label Earth Birds Records. Since then, he has been busy again, creating and releasing a series of tracks in anticipation of his third album, Silver Linings. His latest single is the third of those songs to be released since November 2021, and will be the album’s title track.

This one feels like Patrick’s strongest yet. It follows well from Got The Best of Me (a rich, building, bluesy number, full of gorgeous guitar licks but infused with a smoky emotion) and How Does It Feel To Be You (a more traditional slice of US country storytelling), but takes the themes explored there – and the music – to the next level.

In Silver Linings, Patrick seems to have stepped back for a moment, taken a deep breath and dived right in, giving it everything he’s got. The result is a fully-loaded, feel-good country-inflected track. It’s built around a rollicking guitar riff supported by a really crisp drum beat – but there’s a lot more, too. You get hits of brass, honky tonk piano, and more guitar in the layers of sound. Some of those added, sparkling touches give the song a bit of a cinematic feel – or perhaps theatric is a better word. The sound conjures the feel of a big, no-holds-barred Grand Ole Opry stage show. As a bonus, the song is also packed with some immensely satisfying, soaring guitar solos – it really has something for everyone, even those who might not usually turn to this type of music.

And we haven’t even got to Patrick’s voice yet. That to me is one of the standouts of the track, and many of his other releases, too. This is a voice perfectly made for the genre – he has a rich baritone with occasional touches of gravelly maturity just when it counts. The vocals round out the track, giving it warmth and romance, and a distinct sense of being sung ‘to’, rather than ‘at’.

In many ways, Silver Linings has quite a traditional format, and fits into a well-established genre. But Patrick’s take on that genre is where much of the charm comes from. It’s wonderful to hear a UK artist bringing his own voice and inflection to an all-American part of the musical spectrum – and giving it 110%. This is music which will make you smile, tap your foot, and start looking at flights to Nashville.

Listen to Silver Linings here now. 

The album is due for release on 25th March and can be pre-ordered here now. There’s more information in Patrick’s launch headquarters.







Words by Phil Taylor