Sophie Dorsten is back with a gorgeous new single, “Butterflies” and changes gear slightly with this.

For one thing, it’s a little more bluesy in my ears to her previous tracks and has a little more soul. 

One thing I’ve always liked about Sophie is that she doesn’t compromise with her lyrics. This is no different.

“If butterflies could escape from my mind,

What would they do?

If my head could ever get some rest what would I do?

Where would they go?

Where would I go?”

Her lyrics are a diary, a love letter to herself like my favourite song of 2021 “Tomorrow” was.

This song has got a gospel flavour to it, played in 6/8 time, led on the guitar, arpeggiated then in chord form strumming on the 2 and 4 later. This is something that comes from the old Motown/blues styles of the early 60s and Sophie does it beautifully here.

This was written with her brother Alex, and their partnership is pretty solid! Great songs great lyrics…. I cannot wait to see how it goes!

Sophie is a singer songwriter from Arizona, who’s got the distinction of being vocal coach at Alice Cooper’s music school, she’s also known as the #littleblondegirlbigvoice

Oh she can sing. 

So beautifully.

Listen to ‘Butterflies’ here now

Words by Del Owusu