A beautiful tale of success, love, loss and healing, Cassyette at The Underworld 2022.

Cassyette is an artist who’s risen to huge commercial success in what may seem to others as a short amount of time. In reality, she’s been working for years with grit and determination to get herself where she is today. I also want to mention her insanely talented bandmate Tylr. They’re a wicked team who have together made dreams their reality and this is only the beginning.

I know as a ‘Music Journalist’ I’m supposed to be objective, subjective and keep my personal life out of my writing. I never write like this, but I relate so deeply to the tales Cassyette’s songs tell that I’d like to share how, as a fan, her music helped mend my broken heart and make me feel like myself again. The healing power of music is like no other!

On the 17th of February Cassyette kicked off her UK headline tour with her SOLD OUT show at London’s Underworld, it was also the day her new single ‘Mayhem’ was released to the world. (Listen here)

Mayhem’ was Radio 1’s ‘Hottest Record in The World’ before it even hit streaming platforms. However, Cassyette is no stranger to that title with her song ‘Behind Closed Doors’ also receiving the same recognition upon its release late last year.

When talking about ‘Mayhem’, Jack Saunders is quoted as saying

The lyrical content of the music, it hits hard. It’s raw, it’s passionate and it’s very real”

Speaking to Jack live on Radio 1 Cassyette says

This song is about a break up I had and its just kind of about the feeling that it leaves you with then you go through situations like that. You forget that people are listening to it, you put a song out and then it’s out in the universe and then you watch people singing it back and it’s so nice, it feels like you made the song for a reason.”

Cassyette was an array of emotions on her social media seeing the outpouring of the love, support and understanding from other artists after she released something so heart felt and made herself so vulnerable to the world.

If you’re a fan of Cassyette you’ll know she does not shy away from bearing her soul, her huge hit ‘Petrichor’ was written about losing her dad at the beginning of the pandemic and the place that took her to in her own mind. She’s strong as hell.

When I walked into Underworld on the 17th Feb I was excited and nervous, I needed the gig to be a safe space to rewrite a narrative of my own and start my healing from something that happened the last time I saw her live in November.

I didn’t actually get to see her perform the last time though, as I spent the entire set locked in a dive bar bathroom stopping my then partner from ruining the gig for everyone else with his inappropriate and down right scary behaviour. I don’t want to go into too much detail, but let’s just say it was an horrific experience for me.

Once the gig was over and the doors to the venue opened another amazing woman realised what was happening to me and managed to get me and him out of the venue safely but I was heartbroken, mortified and disappointed. (I took that woman roses on Valentine’s day because she deserved them, I love girls who look after each other at rock shows). At the time though, I thought it was an experience from which I may never recover.

Why am I spilling my guts here? Well… the next day I ended that relationship and the months that followed were my own personal ‘Mayhem’. By the time I got to see Cassyette again my entire life had changed and I wanted some closure, I needed to reclaim the music that I loved so much with better memories, and that’s exactly what happened.

Cassyette was extremely emotional when singing ‘Mayhem’live and broke down multiple times due to being so overwhelmed by what I can only presume was every emotion humanly possible. If you’ve lived something similar you know those lyrics are tough.

We’re locked in a comedown
Why can’t you calm down?

I can’t take it anymore

When we’re fighting, slamming doors
Wasted on my bathroom floor
It’s mayhem

I can’t keep waiting
It feels like mayhem

It was beautiful and cathartic to watch somebody free themselves like that and be so well received in return. She poured her soul into ‘Mayhem’ and started her healing. She was able to give me the exact same by pouring my soul into singing those lyrics back at her feeling safe and free. She helped me come full circle and as a result she’s so important to me as an artist. She is art, she made me feel something.

So here is my ode to Cassyette thank you for being a person in music who makes other people feel strong and safe, thank you for bearing your soul so that we can too and most importantly thank you for the music. I can’t wait to watch you take over the world.

If you want to catch Cassyette for yourself, you can do so on the following dates in the UK

Words by Katie Muszanskij