The New Kings OF The New Wave Of New Rave.

Every now and then a band comes along, knocks you off your chair and makes you stand up shouting “Now thats the shit I like”. Nixer are certainly that band. This duo, consisting of Sean Keenan and Gearoid Reggs hail from Dublins fair City and have been completely ripping up the airwaves and playlists of every cool cat, indie king and dancing queen in pop’s alternative music scene.

Credit – Nicholas O’Donnell

Their last single and title track to the forthcoming E.P “People Feel” was a masterpiece in synth ladened guitar driven poetry. Landing into my lap from a fellow Songbird, tagged “Jim your gonna bloody love this”, I opened up my streaming service of choice and when I heard that deep retro synth, instantly I felt the fuzz. Before I knew it my knee was bouncing to the bass drum intro and when the reverb filled guitar riff pings in, I think to myself, you know your sticking around for this one. The vocals are pure Dublin melody, almost just spoken but with that beautifully musical tone of the Irish accent. Instantly you know there’s a story and by the time you hear the lyric “I left my lover on the dance floor” you’re steeped with intrigue, needing to know what happens next like an episode of Eastenders but in a lockdown nightclub and its real life. The Chorus chants out People Feel, with added Fa Fa Faa’s, its quite simply brilliant with its different levels of influence spread out all over the track. Its like the Fontaine’s on synth bumped into the XX while being driven at some speed to a rave just outside Sligo after picking up The Klaxons on route.

Nixer have already built up a secure arsenal of belters in their discography over a short space of time. With Six fine examples of what these electro indie kids can create already out there for the masses to get addicted to. Firstly putting out “Your Days Are Numbered” back in June of 2020 the lads have given us a consistent flow of releases including the fantastic “True Romance” and absolutely blinding “Magnolia Mouth”. Also the duo’s 2021 single “Gentrification” having spins by the legendary “Iggy Pop” on his BBC6 Music Show with the legend quoting….

“That is particularly homemade music. Gentrification is a track by Nixer, Nixer is a new discovery of mine..”

Its not just Iggy showing the Nixer boys the Love, their electro indie magic has been getting big props from all our beloved BBC radio folk including Jack Saunders, Steve Lamacq, Lauren Laverne, Gemma Bradley and Phil Taggert. Here’s a little bit of whats been tickling their pickles about Nixer so far………

Think of LCD Soundsystem mixed with Soulwaxreborn – add a little bit of the poetic flair of FontainesD.C. in there and you’ve got a band like NIXER. Any indie fan HAS to be on this band” – Jack Saunders, BBC Radio 1 – Nixer Radio 1 ‘Next Wave’ Artist 27/01/22

An interesting mix of taut new-wave guitar and keyboards” – On ‘People Feel’Steve Lamacq, BBC Radio 6 – Nixer 6Music Spotlight Artist 21/01/22

“It is a lively one… discovered by Iggy Pop who gave them early 6Music support… fantastic no wave/new wave action to this… can’t wait to hear more from the duo Nixer” – On ‘People Feel’ – Lauren Laverne, BBC Radio 6 – ‘While You Were Sleeping’ track

I’m gonna kick things off with a band called Nixer. This track is off their debut EP, I know you’re gonnaLOVE IT! – Gemma Bradley, BBC Radio 1 Introducing

WOOOOOOW, I feel like I’ve just completely been smacked in the face. Yeah this is sick, I like it! There’s something really anxious about it, like you know you’re on a dancefloor but somebody has whispered in your ear that somebody on that dancefloor is gonna hit you, but you’re still having a good time but you’re just waiting for it. Yeah, that one’s a banger” – On ‘Magnolia Mouth’– Phil Taggart, BBC Radio 1

The follow up and second single to be taken from the eagerly awaited E.P is the thumping dark and ominous “Outsider”.

This track quite literally kicks off at what sounds like an unauthorised get together of some kind. With its almost inaudible but perfectly fitting wave of background banter being slowly driven out by an arpeggiated retro synth and equally over driven sinister guitar line. The vocal jumps in with it’s engagingly observational descriptive lyrics and the beat teases you in with its almost uneasy steps until it regulates like a heart beat. The chorus has that bellowing intensity which makes it a hands in the air shout out for the masses. The arrangement of the track is chaotic, uneasy and it leaves the listener either out of breath or in need of a smoke, but equally at the same time hooks you in deeper and deeper with a serious level of excitement and an overwhelming need to dance. “Outsider” is an intense snippet of the ‘PEOPLE FEEL’ story that takes place at a house party. The track welcomes, or un-welcomes, two characters to the narrative. The song deals with isolation and the feeling of being unwanted but from the perspective of the empathetic observer. The track opens with discrete chatter about these ‘other’ people, but as the track develops we learn that the song is about worry and concern for others, rather than the exclusion of.

Listen to ‘Outsider’ here now

Outsider” was released at midnight on Thursday 17 Feb on all Platforms and I’m sure in the next coming days will be getting spins, plays and praise from everyone it comes into contact with.

A cinematic masterpiece of a video is sure to follow soon and the boys will be Nixing things up and blowing the roof off their first headline London show at The Grace in Islington on Friday 24th February . The lads will also be flying out to Jersey on the 1st of April for a brand new alternative club night which will also feature a very special guest DJ set from the legendary music mogul and Creation Records co-founder Alan Mcgee with support coming from Jersey’s finest indie punk trio Dribbler and previous glastonbury stage smashers Brave Yesterday. With out a doubt Nixer will be the name at many a festival this summer and will continue to rise as its clear they are only just getting started and already they’ve been crowned the new kings of the new wave of new rave.

Outsider” is out now and the “People Feel” E.P will be hitting our speakers in May 2022.

Words by Jim Dolan