Rising from the history soaked UK Midlands back in February 2020, the evermore powerful indie/punk four piece DOTHS slap us in the face with their outstanding new single “Synergy

Following on from previous groove anthems “Banker” and “Drink Driver” DOTHS have really been keeping the musical momentum going strong since their debut release “EXIT” which came out in August 2021. The unique mix of punk rock and urban poetry has led to some highly intelligent and ferociously groovy records, with this latest release topping it off.

Everything we’ve grown to love about these poetic punks is back in abundance. Fully phat fuzz filled basslines supplied by Ash Simpson follow Joe Hodges equally as phat drums, as this journey starts off almost reminding me of an eager “Ghost Town” by the “Specials” with its equally sinister chimes of reverb laden guitar and air of broken architecture musically described by Andy Purves guitar style. Frontman Scott Baxter once again pulls us in the instant we hear the first sentence, the highly intriguing lyrical content kicks off straight away with the phrase “plugged into the chatter of pitta-patter pathetic gossip daily” and what follows on is nothing short of lyrical genius.

Constantly growing with momentum the track builds up into what can only be described as a “NIRVANA” infused chorus of big muff driven guitar and solid straight out of the Dave Grohl handbook of how to hit drums hard drumbeats. The track then almost half times and guides us back into another round of super observant lyrics on the social disfunction’s we are all fully aware of in our daily lives. As the band themselves describe further ……

“Synergy” is the finger pointing at the absurdity and contradiction of life. We all walk around in our happy, safe and predictable bubble whilst the world is as chaotic as ever. War, famine, greed and injustice rife all over the globe.

The daily struggle of people losing themselves down social media wormholes of their own design. Individuals shying away from each other on the streets, choosing to communicate through digital means instead. People reading, believing, becoming absorbed and fixated by sensationalist headlines, solely designed to cover up and distract us from the real-world mess that we can all definitely see.

SYNERGY is a mantra. A reminder… that the collective struggle is more important than the individual. We should remember, no matter the importance we place on the individual, no matter how much the powers that be attempt to single us out and turn us into consumerist automatons, we will only really know ourselves properly when we interact with those around us.

My band’s better than me, that’s synergy”

Extremely thought provoking subject matter, heavy beats and fuzz filled sonics, brilliantly delivered vocal melody and you can mosh to the chorus. This is a tune from a band that will not stop until every high street has been saved and when I mean high street I mean soul. D.O.T.H.S latest release is guaranteed to draw further attention to the band as they continue to forge a way forward with their sharp insights, heavy riffs constant energy and Poetic advice for a happier world.

SYNERGY” is out now on all platforms. Listen here now




Words by Jim Dolan