Formed in 2018 but their journey into music has been over 10 years of hard graft. The Skinner Brothers have climbed at an incredible pace into indie rock, with their anthems that wouldn’t sound out of place in a stadium. The promo videos of the new album speak of their journey and the album Soul Boy II narrates it extremely well.

Arriving at Jimmy’s Liverpool, the three floor venue with the bar at its centre, and baby Grand piano on its third floor we ordered our drinks and strolled downstairs to the basement venue, where support act The Kairos were playing, with some polite nudges we made our way to the front. The Kairos managed to turn the heat right up in time for The Skinner Brothers.

The Band consist of Zachary Charles Skinner (vox, guitar), Joe Fisher (guitar), Perry Meadowcroft (bass), and Alfie Clayton (drums)

Zac strolled in, in what can only be described as his now iconic clothing, think of what Angus Young is to ACDC, the s flat cap checked shirt and soul boy jumper. Some bands take the first song to wind the crowd up slow, not these guys! straight off the bat with the first song Zac was carried out onto the wave of adoring fans.

Known for their lad culture image Zac and the band geared up the crowd in that fashion, egging on crowd surfing and giving out cans of Red Stripe to the fans, whilst celebrating drummer Alfie Clayton‘s return to single life with a bottle of spirit which he glugged and poured into a fans mouth at the front not to mention an Zac offering him up to all the lucky single ladies in the crowd!

Although it would be easy to box this band off as a ‘lad culture band’ they are so much more than that, the crowd interaction tonight was so much more than rowdy. Getting one fan to perform ‘watchu’ then wearing his sunglasses for the rest of it was pure connection and this hardcore fan didn’t let the crowd down either!

‘Stupid Much’ slowed down the tempo and allowed the guys at the front to catch themselves for a bit, before being elevated up again for ‘Culture Non Stop’. Encouraging all the ladies to get on the shoulders for the next song, I lifted Megan Wyn up on mine and we danced the next song away with a load of other ladies, surprising myself, Megan and our Erin at my own strength!

Some live gigs you enter with your favourite tunes and some you leave with solid memories of new ones that were not initially in your top list. ‘Mountain High’ sold it to me live not to far from the sounds of ‘Kasabian’ that whoop carried me to my place of ecstasy when I watch live music. ‘Put Me Down As A Maybe‘ gathered the crowd in unison and the bass hypnotised the crowd into a rocking sway.

The Skinner Brothers don’t just build a fan base but a community, chatting to frontman Zac after the gig, we spoke of his need to connect with his fans, his passion was immense. We spoke of the him reaching out to everyone personally over social media, setting up ‘The Skinner Brothers-The Family’ and how much time he spends doing this, after this tour its easy to see that this may be an impossible feat to maintain though with the speed at which ‘The Skinner Brothers’ fanbase is growing. Although I doubt this will stop Zac who’s passion to connect shines through in abundance echoed by the fact that the band did not leave the venue last night until every single person there had had the chance to chat to the band.

The Skinner Brothers don’t just give you a gig they welcome you with open arms and say come join our party everybody’s invited.

The incredible Soul Boy II Tour is coming to a close soon but last few remaining dates and tickets can be found here:-


Words and photos by Tamsin Jones