Marquis Drive recently released their latest single ‘Hold On’ on Conscious Bias Records.

Following on from previous powerhouse anthems of “Proud” and “Spaceman” and the fact they topped the UK Vinyl album charts with their last release, we were expecting big things from this latest release:“Hold On”. It doesn’t disappoint, its a grand slice of indie rock and roll. Once again, it has all the trademarks that we have come to expect from this incredible band, big productions with catchy, infectious chorus line hooks that’ll have you singing them for weeks.

“Hold On” was written against a backdrop of modern life and the challenges that we all face. taking time to remind ourselves that everything is going to be OK and how tomorrow is a brand new day. A reminder not to let the system drag you down and how we should all carry on doing what we love doing as life is ultimately too short.

Indeed we are told the inspiration behind the song is this:

“I wrote it to remind myself that everything will be OK, . I had a bit of breakdown one night where it felt like a tidal wave hit me like a tsunami and I remember, the next day, I realised what was going on in my head and I wanted to get to get some help. So I wrote this song as part of that healing process. It’s  a shout out to people who hide their emotions, the whole “man up” BS,  the more your bottle it up the more its gonna mess you up “

Listening to the track its starts of with a jangly guitar intro that immediately bursts into heavy, sonic, electric guitar riffs with next level percussion instrumentals. Couple this with the 90’s retro indie vibe lyrics and its a delightful slice of nostalgic rock n roll at its finest. I’m loving it, its another win for the MD Lads x

listen to ‘Hold On’ here now.


01/04/22 – MMTV – Manchester

24/04/22 – Shortt’s Bar – Brighton
30/04/22 – SSR – Skegness
29/05/22 – Creation Festival – Wolverhampton 

18/06/22 – Isle of Wight

12/08/22 – Barrowlands – Glasgow
29/08/22 – Isle of Wight

Words by Sally Newman