PEACH ST are an indie rock band from Runcorn in Cheshire who claim to have taken influence from all of the indie greats, including Arctic Monkeys, The Las, Cast and Radiohead to name but a few and have used that influence along with their own sound to create something which is uniquely their own.

PEACH STREET are quickly becoming one of the ones to watch on the North West Music scene having become known for their thoughtful lyrics and catchy melodies, which seem to harken back to the heyday of great indie music, but with a fresh, modern twist.

The band’s first single was greatly received picking up fans from the likes of Soccer AM who played it over the Goals of the Week feature. We were therefore excited to see what their follow up single ‘Is What It Is’ had to offer.

On first listen, I’d have to Initially surmise that this band are really decent! I love the way the guitars jangle at the beginning, you could imagine this starting out as an acoustic number, then opens up with full power – complete with distorted bass – not too distorted but just enough for you to hear the difference!

The drums are fully punchy, open hi hats big snare, tambourines playing 16ths… This song can be seen as a future catchy indie anthem, you can hear the influences of the La’s on this with that pre Madchester glow (Yes… I know. The La’s are from Liverpool, work with me here!) 

I love the way the northern roots sit in the vocals, there’s a pronunciation of “noothin’” that made me smile. Being a southerner it’s the little things. 

All in all this song has a charm that gets your foot tapping and that’s my bench mark! Good tune lads. 

As this is only the band’s second single, I’ve got to say I’m kinda excited and I expect more good things from them. Definitely ones to keep an eye on!

Listen to ‘Is What It Is’ here now.

Words by Del Osei-Owusu