Well, that was one of the friendliest, most fun and brilliantly organised festival I’ve EVER been to.

Aerial Salad, my absolute HEART opened the festival inside the union at 3PM. You’d have thought it would be desolate at 3PM… right? WRONG. The room was filled, with me and my wonderful new friend, also called Katie, right at the front! 

I’ve never seen so many fans wearing merch for a band in my life, even the bar staff were rocking the salad T’s. Mike, Jamie and Jake are three of the most wonderful humans you could ever have the pleasure of meeting. They write banging tunes, are LOVELY and are extremely good at this thing we call Rock & Roll music.

The set was everything I wanted. I wanted ‘Romance’, ‘Spit On My Face’ and ‘Fever Dream’… I got all three and that was just at pre-drinks. The energy these three bring to a stage is just a testament to young people making music, being damn cool and actually writing decent tunes. They deserve all of the success in the world. They have time for everyone and seem to really enjoy what they do.

I managed to catch up with them straight after their set, be it on a high and a bit wonky we had a lovely chat…

How do you think today went and are you happy to be back?

“Fucking very fun, a pure selfish indulgence… everyone who put MPF on allowed me to have the best half hour I’ve had in ages” Jamie said. 

“Very happy to be back, we didn’t forget anything, and it was fucking sick” Mike added.

*Jake stares into space looking beyond the realm of happiness and laughs*

What was your favourite song of the set?

FEVER DREAM” a wild Jake awakens and speaks in unison with Mike

Jamie then adds “Yeah that was alright until my intoxicants started kicking in”

What’s the next gig you’ve got on the schedule?

Jamie: “Shotty horror in Hull 25th May – bit of Rock n Roll, bit of Rap!”

What venues would you like to play that aren’t in Manchester?

Mike: London roundhouse!

Are there any bands that you’d like to collaborate with at the moment, who are you listening to?

A resounding “Kenny Hoopla!”

Where do you see yourselves in a years’ time?

Jamie “I hope I’ve got my health; I hope I’ve got my mates and I hope I’m just happy”

Mike “Wherever the winds tek us!”

(Interview ends)

See, told you they were lovely.

After Aerial Salad kicked off the day, we went on to see Waco at The Bred Shed, an incredible band I’d heard for the first time that day. The song ‘The World’ almost made me cry for a few reasons, it was lovely though.

We then went to see Pizza Tramp at The Union, a band who’s name I’d heard thrown about all day with excitement, they were absolutely ace.

We then ventured to see Witch Fever at Gorilla, we all know my personal obsession with this band at this point so I wont relay once again how incredible they were. And finished the day with a right old dance around to The Bar Stood Preachers.

It was one of the best days I’ve ever had. I’d go back to Manchester Punk Festival in a heartbeat, and hope to!

Anyone thinking of going in 2023, do it. Thank you so much MPF for having us.

Words, Interview and Photos all by Katie Muszanskyj