You Give Me The Creeps

Salford’s finest, ‘Little Illusion Machine’ are back with their second single of 2022, a psychedelic smasher named ‘You Give Me The Creeps’.

The release follows the band supporting False Advertising, FalseHeads and Dead Naked Hippies. They managed to get a bit of a trial run with the tune before releasing it into the world. It was worth the wait.

Earlier in the year, the Psych-Rock Trio released ‘It’s Darker On The Inside’ which gathered huge traction on Islington Radio, Songbird Sessions and was featured on many a Spotify playlist. We’ve become a bit of a LIM fan club over here at SBHQ. Our group chat is always full of shining reviews for the boys.

I have no doubt that this new release ‘You Give Me The Creeps’ will be spun on many a radio station and indie night dance floor in the following weeks. 

The band might love to lark about on social media with their silly videos and skits but ‘LIM’ produce some astoundingly dark, sexy, rock n roll. Don’t get it twisted, they’re the real deal.

We had a chat with the band about the writing process and their favourite lyrics from the new release…

“What was the writing process like for the new release ‘You Give Me The Creeps’?”

Lloyd (Lead Singer):  ‘Creeps is another one we’ve had for quite a while, I originally demo’d it at home a few years back around the same time as the “it’s darker on the inside” demo and we have played it live for a couple years too

It’s based around the femme fatale character from stage and film. Giving an award winning performance when revealing a moment of disloyalty to a lover”

‘What are your favourite lyrics in ‘You Give Me The Creeps’ and why?

Lloyd (Lead Singer):  ‘I think my favourite lyric would have to be the last part of the second verse, as it tells you what the songs banging on about 

-And the kissing scene is approaching, you’re good at learning your lines I have noticed and shedding a tear at any moment 

“And the Oscar goes to…”-‘

Always a pleasure talking to the lads, I look forward to the day I get to write about a band that cites ‘Little Illusion Machine’ as their reason for making music. It’s coming. I can feel it.

Listen to ‘You Give Me The Creeps’ HERE NOW

Keep making that sweet, sweet rock ‘n’ roll!

Words by Katie Muszanskyj