Disguise was released on Friday 13th, however there is nothing scary about this tune, although it does smash you straight between the ears with a strong opening guitar riff, that leads to crashing drums and catchy lyrics. This tune will soon have you drawn in, spun round and spat out. Wind down your car window and crank up the volume cause this song is sure to become a steady staple on your playlists.

Disguise is the 3rd single release from Kent based four piece The King Rooks. With two previous tracks under their belt, Mary and What Do You Say Now? The band continues to hit the mark and power along with their punchy rock sound.

Instantly being drawn in after the first few chords with a strong guitar riff grabbing your attention, you know instantly you wouldn’t be skipping this song.

You get the sense the band have taken the breaks off and they’re not holding anything back with their new song. Heavier than their previous songs? Sure, however being every bit as enjoyable and maybe even their best one yet, as you get left wanting more.

The band wear their influences proudly from the likes of Catfish and the Bottlemen, The Black Keys and if they continue to release big riff songs like Disguise then they might just reach these heights.

If this is a taste of things to come from the band, then grab your air guitars, get your place in the mosh pit and get ready to sing along. As this is definitely a band you want to catch in their early days.

Listen to ‘Disguise’ HERE NOW

Words by Abbie Okorn